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5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

The housing market is currently in a slump, but this doesn't mean that homeowners should be ignoring their homes. Quite the contrary. Now more than ever, it's important to make sure your home is well taken care of and stays in good shape so you can have peace of mind and enjoy it now and later when the market rebounds! In this post we're going to go over some common homeowner mistakes that you might want to avoid. Things which many homeowners ignore everyday without realizing how costly these oversights can be!

Not Keeping up with Home Maintenance.

Most people know about the importance of taking care of their lawns and outdoor space, but many fail to give as much attention to other aspects of their property which are just as important (and oftentimes more so) such as gutters, roofs, driveways etc. Neglecting these can lead to unnecessary repairs in the future that you might not be able to afford

Ignoring the Outdoor-space.

Most homeowners have a tendency for sticking their heads out the window or opening one right now and then when they're looking around at what needs done on their own house - this is understandable since most homes aren't all that large! But remember to also take a look around your yard. Things like trees, bushes and ponds can all be potential hazards for children who are playing outside or even adults if they're not paying attention to where they're going! Many homeowners don't realize the dangers these things pose.

Ignoring small problems in order to Avoid Spending Money

Many people have a tendency of putting off repairs when there's nothing wrong with their homes that isn't blatantly obvious (like a door which won't close properly). This is because it might seem easier on one level but down the road you'll often end up having more expensive repairs done that could've been avoided had you taken care of them right away. Don't try to save $100 by making an $800 mistake in the long run!

Not taking Advantage of Tax Deductions.

Many homeowners are unaware that they're entitled to a lot more tax breaks than what most people think - this includes things like deducting repairs (up to $500) done by themselves or family members, as well as various other items such as expenses related to energy efficiency and upgrades etc. It's worth your time do some research on what you can save money on this way since these come off your taxable income which means less taxes at the end of the year which is always nice 🙂

Not getting an inspection.

This is something that many homeowners forget to do but it's crucially important. Things like termites, mold and safety hazards are all things which can be found in homes during inspections - you want to know about these before they turn into larger problems so make sure you get an inspection done!

Gaining an Accurate Assessment for their Property Value.

It's important for every homeowner out there who owns their own property to have a good idea of the worth of their home and not speculate. Things like checking out what comparable homes in your area are for sale at, as well as searching online can help you get an accurate assessment so that you know if it's time to sell or stay put! A lot of homeowners use this kind information when determining whether they should refinance their mortgages or invest money into renovations/extensions etc


Being mindful of the above mistakes will help you preserve your home and avoid costly repairs in the future. Things which most homeowners don't really think about or take into account but shouldn't be ignored!

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