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6 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Shiny and New

Car care is a topic that many people don't think about until their car starts to look like it's been through the ringer. There are countless hours and dollars spent trying to get a car looking shiny and new again. Car cleaning can be tough, but these 6 tips will help you have your car looking its best in no time!

Vacuum the interior of your vehicle

When it comes to professional interior car detailing, it's not just about the vacuum you use, but also how well your attachments and processes remove those hard-to-reach contaminants. 

Clean the exterior of your car often to prevent dirt build up.

Once a week or after each use, wash and dry, then clean weekly for greater protection against corrosion and rusting. Auto detailing clay bars will help you remove paint contaminants like tree sap and bird droppings easily before they can cause damage to your vehicle's finish.

Wash your car with soap and water to avoid creating swirls in the paint. Avoid washing in direct sunlight, as this will dry out the surface of your vehicle's exterior which can cause it to fade over time.

Wipe the dashboard and console with a damp cloth

Using a damp cloth, wipe down the interior of your car to remove any dirt, dust or grime. The dashboard is the first thing to see whenever you sit in the front seat of your car so it's a must that the dashboard should be clean every time. 

To remove smudges from the windows, use a glass cleaner

Soak your hand in warm water, then rub the clay bar over one side of the windshield. Rinse and repeat with the other side of the windshield.

Apply a small amount of cleanser to your wax applicator, then wipe down your car in straight lines from top to bottom or left to right. Allow it to dry before you buff off any excess products using microfiber towels.

The trunk, floor, and seats should be free of trash 

The car mats should be removed and shaken out. Fold down the back seats of your vehicle to expose any loose trash that might have fallen onto the trunk's carpeting during a drive through rough terrain, then vacuum up anything you find with an attachment tool. For hard-to-reach spots, use a can of compressed air or an upholstery brush to loosen and remove dirt, dust and grime.

Apply wax to the car body

For a quick and easy shine, use an instant detailer after you brush off the dirt from your vehicle's exterior. 

These waxes are ideal for cars that are in good condition but need an extra shine to their paint job. Apply car wax with a soft cloth or applicator pad starting at the top of your car body and working your way downwards. Buff off any excess wax with a soft microfiber towel in circular motion to avoid creating swirls on the surface of your vehicle's exterior paint job.


As a preventative measure, apply car wax every three months or so to keep dust particles from sticking onto your vehicle's bodywork and other contaminants from being able to stick.


You can make your interior car detailing professional by using the right tools and following these easy tips!

Car care is a topic that many people don't think about until their car starts to look like it's been through the ringer. Car owners spend countless hours and dollars trying to get the car looking shiny and new again. Car cleaning should be your weekly task and included in your routine.

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