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Best Ways to Sparkle Your Home

You want a clean house, but you're not sure how to achieve it? Let us help! We are going to discuss the best ways for you to get your home sparkling. We are going to cover everything from vacuuming and dusting, all the way up to removing stains. Here's our ultimate list of cleaning tips that will make your house sparkle like never before!


Clean the kitchen

Cleaning your kitchen is probably one of the most important things you can do when it comes to cleaning your home. This is where all of your meals are prepared, so if this place isn't clean what does that say about the rest of your house?

When cleaning in this area make sure to focus on these areas: cabinets, countertops, appliances and floors. Clearing out cabinet clutter will save you time later too!  Get rid of anything expired or rotten. You should also wipe down any dirty surfaces with an appropriate household cleaner (this includes inside ovens).

Get rid of all clutter

Clutter can also attract bugs, which is another reason why it's important to clear things away on a regular basis!

It also sometimes attracts mold that’s why it is best to remove clutter as soon as possible.

Sweep and mop the floors

Starting by mopping the floor is probably the best choice, since it will take longer than sweeping. Do what you can according to your schedule!

Make sure that you are using an appropriate cleaner for whatever type of flooring or material is in your house. Be careful not to leave any puddles behind when mopping too because this could lead to bad odors later on. 

If there are some tough stains, consider renting a steam mop instead so they don't set in and become permanent problems. It should also be safe enough if you have pets around since it won't use bleach or anything which might harm them! Steam mops work well against dirt stuck down deep into the ground.

Vacuum all carpets

If you have hardwood floors, then just focus on sweeping. Some vacuums will also be able to steam mop your carpets if they are in good enough condition. This is helpful because it can get rid of any dried up spills or stains that might be left behind!

Don't forget about the stairs when you do this.

Wipe down all of your windows, including screens

This will help to keep your house safe and free from bugs.

Use a rag that is slightly damp but not soaking wet, as this could lead to dirt around your windows running down onto surfaces below! Effortlessly reach those hard-to-reach corners by folding it. It's best to go with plain water if you don't have any cleaning solutions on hand.

Cleaning Curtains

Even if you're using a curtain or blinds, make sure to wipe them down too! This will help keep dust off which prevents it from falling onto other surfaces in your home. It's also important not to forget about windows within reach of the floor because these are places where bugs like to live.

Dust off any furniture

Vacuum and dust off any couches, desks or chairs that you have in your house. This will help to keep dirt from accumulating on these surfaces over time!

Dust can also get into small spaces like between blinds and the windows they are attached to. Get rid of anything that is clogging up those hard-to-reach places.

Dust off your bookshelves, as these can collect dust easily! Remember to wipe down any shelves before you put things back on top of them again. This will help keep dirt from getting trapped behind there which could lead to an even bigger mess later on.


Cleaning can become a lot easier when you have the right tools and tips. Now that we've gone over all of these different things, hopefully your home will look its best!

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