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28 January 2017
Cleaning Checklist - Moving in a New House

A person or a family that resides in a house sometimes unknowingly or unwantedly creates a mess that obviously needs a thorough cleaning and clearing before the next tenant or family arrives.

26 November 2016
Introduction to cleaning

It might seem like a senseless inquiry, with a blindingly clear answer...try and answer it!

2 November 2016
First Apartment, Tips to Secure your Security Deposit

Your first apartment usually comes with a high security deposit, partially with the understanding that you have no rental history and no credit history. But once you get it, who gives a damn.

26 October 2016
Guide to Carpet Care

CleaningPro carpet care company provides residential and commercial services in and around Auckland. Below is our guide about carpet care.

26 September 2016
Good Cleaning Starts in Your Bucket
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