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Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

There are many reasons why you should not live without carpet cleaning. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep your house clean when you have pets that shed hair and dirt all over the place or kids who track in mud from outside. This is where rug cleaning comes into play! Carpet cleaners will kill any fleas and their eggs as well as any larvae living in your carpets too. In this blog post we'll go through 6 of the top reasons why you shouldn't live without carpet cleaning.

What are Fleas and Why do they live in Carpets?

Flea eggs, larvae, and adults all live together in your carpet. Their nests reside on the bottom of carpets or between different fibers where you can't see them. They feed off of the blood that animals leave behind when they walk across a surface like woolen rugs or rug-padded floors. Fleas don't just suck blood from humans either! These tiny insects will even attack rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs...pretty much any animal who happens to be walking over it at some point! The reason these bugs love living so deeply inside your carpet is because their favorite food source is right underfoot too - yummy, fresh animal blood!

How does Carpet Cleaning Kill Flea Eggs, Larvae, and Adults?

Carpet cleaners will spray a mixture of detergents into the fibers to penetrate deep down where fleas are living. This kills all stages of life in one shot - including their eggs if they're present too! By doing this you can be sure that your carpets are free from any flying or crawling pests who could bite humans and spread disease like Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. You do not want these bugs infesting your home because it's very hard for people with allergies to avoid them. It is also difficult for someone with asthma to breathe when there are so many allergens inside the air.

Why Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned Every Six Months or so?

Carpet cleaners are important because they don't just kill fleas and their eggs but also keep them away. If you let dirty, moist carpets stay in the same place for too long a time then it becomes easier to attract more fleas! These bugs like living on wet hair that clings to clothes while people walk around inside - this is how these pests will actually find access into your home. That's why carpet cleaning needs to be done at least once or twice per year! You can set up an appointment with a professional cleaner like Cleaningpro who'll come out right now and treat the problem for you before it gets out of hand.

Tips for Treating a Home Infested with Fleas

There are some simple steps to take if you think your house is currently infested with these pests. The first thing that should be done is to vacuum all carpets and furniture in the house as soon as possible! This will remove any eggs or larvae which may still be alive on surfaces like leather, rugs, or couches where they love biting humans at night when we're sleeping - yikes! Next it's important to use an aerosol spray around door frames and window sills too because this helps kill adult flea populations before they fly inside. Finally, set up fans throughout the room so there are cool breezes blowing through the air to keep fleas from coming back.

Carpet Cleaning is a Great Way to Keep Fleas out of your house

If you are in need of last minute carpet cleaning then this blog post can be used as some inspiration for any questions that may come up! Remember, it's important to vacuum carpets every week and get them cleaned at least once or twice per year so that these pests don't have anywhere left to hide. If you live in an area where there are lots of animals like rabbits around then you might want monthly cleanings too because they're even more likely than humans to carry diseases on their fur - yikes! Don't wait until it's too late though.

Mop Carpets Weekly in Hot Water to Send away Any Adult

This will help prevent infestations from developing and keep them out of your home for good! If you have a pet who's scratching themselves then it's best to use natural products like Drs. Foster & Smith FLEA-X Spray that are made with essential oils so they won't harm the animal - only the pests trying to live on its skin. Lastly, make sure your house is clean inside too by throwing away clutter and making sure surfaces stay dry at all times because this helps reduce humidity which attracts more insects into the environment (which includes mosquitoes). When summertime comes around pick up some citronella candles too because these smell really nice and will keep bugs away from your family!


Carpet cleaning is a must. It's important for the environment, people with allergies, or someone who has asthma. Remember to vacuum every week and get carpets cleaned at least once per year so that you can make sure they are free of fleas - yikes! Carpet cleaners like Cleaningpro come right out to treat the problem before it becomes too big. Who knows?

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