Carpet Cleaning Mini Guide: Tips for Removing Common Carpet Stains

No matter how careful you are, those dreaded spills and pet diddles will always happen, leaving your carpet in a non-ideal state. Well, getting rid of carpet stains while preserving its appearance and functionally is both an art and science. The cleaning wheel is the first thing you'll want to know. Every form of cleaning leverages time, temperature, mechanics, and chemical action. Timing, at the right temperature with the right chemicals and mechanical action, is what will give you the best results. 

All this can be overwhelming for the average homeowner, and that's why we have created a comprehensive guide for dealing with the most common carpet stains. 

Kool-Aid Stains

Kool-aid is one of the hardest stains to get rid of. However, with the ideal treatments, you can remove the stain even in a white carpet. That being said, here are a few steps to follow:


Coffee Stains

Coffee can leave your carpet brown or dirty if not properly handled. It can lead to the yellowing of your carpet, which is quite noticeable. After you blot the dampness, you should follow the following steps to clean coffee stains form carpet.


Pet Stains

There are products and techniques that can be used to get rid of pet stains and the odor associated with them. Here are a few tips brought to you by the carpet cleaning experts over at Flawless Carpet Cleaning on how to deal with them effectively.

First of all, clean up the initial mess. If it's a stool, scoop it up with gloves or a mini shovel, and if it's wet, use the blot method to soak up the moisture without scrubbing or smearing. Continue to blot until your carpet is dry, and the stain is gone. 

Sometimes, the stain can become embedded in the carpet fibers. Moistening the carpet is the best way to handle this issue. For this, consider applying products specially made for cleaning pet stains. To find old urine stains, use a black light, which is easily available at the home supply store. Identify the soiled regions and outline them with chalk. 

In order to get rid of the odor and stain, you'll need to apply various tactics. Don't use ammonia-based chemicals to clean dog urine as this will encourage the pet to re-offend in the same region as they smell the ammonia. To eliminate the urine odor, create a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar, and spray it onto the spot liberally. Let it soak for a few minutes and then apply the blot technique until the stain is gone. When the area has almost dried, sprinkle some baking soda. 

Then mix 1/2 cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with one tsp of liquid detergent. Then gradually pour it over the baking powder and use a scrubbing brush to help it dissolve. Then let the spot dry before vacuuming it thoroughly. 



Most of these procedures utilize household supplies and chemicals to eliminate carpet stains. If any of the methods fail, check the local retail store for specially made stain removing products and use the resources available to eliminate any carpet stains. 

However, there are still some cases where home remedies won't be adequate for restoring your carpet to its ideal state. This is when a reliable carpet cleaning company comes into the picture. Professional carpet cleaners are experts at getting rid of carpet stains caused by any of the substances mentioned above. Do not hesitate to hire a carpet cleaner today if you think you're not up to the job.

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