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Tips for Water Damage Restoration

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Flooding of a property is a real-time possibility for a number of reasons. It may be owing to the occurrence of floods (which is no longer a rarity for many areas owing to global warming and climatic changes). On a lesser local scale; water pipe bursts or leaks, malfunction or accidental operation of sprinklers or even a tap left open by mistake can cause flooding of your home or business. Flooding can cause serious damage to the walls, flooring, carpets, rugs and other items. Here are some invaluable tips for water damage restoration:

Get all your valuables away from the water

Remove all your prized possessions, valuable items, and electronic gadgets immediately from the area affected by water and moved to a comparatively safer place. The best way to keep your possessions safe is to keep them from getting wet.

Drain as much water as you can

Once your things are safe, your second priority should be getting the water out. Remove as much water as you can. It is also advisable to call for professional help from a Flood Damage Restoration Company.

Thoroughly dry everything

Dehumidifiers and fans are the most efficient way to dry out all the wet surfaces. Any lingering dampness can cause the growth of mould, which can lead to some unwanted consequences.

Clean out the place

Wet, damp, and mouldy surfaces are the perfect place for bacteria to grow. Bacteria may have also entered your house through the flood water. This can pose some serious health threats to the inhabitants of the house. Use disinfectants to clean out your entire house, and let fresh air in.

Get rid of any mould growth

A large variety of products is available for people looking to get rid of mould from their homes. You can either use mould removal sprays or use DIY solutions like chlorine bleach and water to give it a go yourself.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Service by CleaningPro

Handling water damage restoration yourself is not an easy job, seeking out a professional to do it is a lot more efficient. It takes time, techniques and all the right equipment to get your house back to its pre-flood conditions. CleaningPro is willing to offer you all of that and more which makes flood restoration in Auckland a whole lot easier.

CleaningPro specializes in the area of water removal from carpets. While many other water damage restoration companies overlook the procedure to dry wet carpet.  We realise how significant it is to get your flooded carpet dried and cleaned. With our enhanced technology and well-experienced technicians, we can easily dry your wet carpet without any further harm coming to it by the use of our advanced carpet dryers, fans, and dehumidifiers. We will treat the carpet to remove unwanted odour. The colour, softness, and fabric of the carpet are returned to its previous condition.

All the procedures are completely safe, and extremely cost effective. So, you can rest assured that your damp and musky carpet is going to be as good as new in no time through our methods of overcoming carpet flood damage. Along with water extraction from carpet, CleaningPro is willing to solve any other water damage problem.

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Safely Remove Black Mould from Your House

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It is necessary to keep your home clean, hygienic and safe. However, there may be broken plumbing inside walls, poorly constructed pipes, or not enough air circulating which might cause ugly black mould to appear on the walls. While one might remove the cobwebs in the corners of the walls and ceilings, there is no easy way for removing these black spots or patches from your walls.

Why is Black Mould so Stubborn?

Firstly, before knowing how to safely remove black mould from your house, you would need to know what mould is. Mould or mildew forms when there is moisture in one part of the wall, which does not get enough ventilation. While installing electric dehumidifiers would be a great solution, one cannot do much after the wall has already become black and spotty.

Usually, these spots appear quite slowly and at places where one might not notice every day, but once mould arrives at the surface it definitely makes itself known. These spots do not go away with just sweeping or dusting because the problem lies deep beneath the surface, so they do not go away easily. They would come back quicker if the dusting is superficial.

Now that the walls have become ugly with mould or mildew patches, one can just aim to remove it by following a simple home remedy.

How to safely remove black mould from your house?

The process is very effective and pocket-friendly too. All that the homeowner has to do is mix the following chemicals 1/2 cup bleach, 1 qt. water and a little detergent. The bleach in the cleaning mixture kills the mould, and the detergent helps lift it off the surface so you can rinse it away. You can also buy a mildew cleaner at hardware stores, paint stores and most home centres.

Wear protective masks, goggles, and a pair of rubber gloves before mixing the chemicals. Then after applying the solution on the affected part of the mouldy wall, allow it to soak for a minute or two and with a stiff handled brush and scrub the hell out of it. Leave it for some time, and after that, clean it away with a damp towel. This should remove the mould from the walls properly. Though in order to ensure that this mould or mildew does not come back again, one shall have to follow a few steps.

  • Buy and paint the walls with an anti-mildew paint to keep it from resurfacing
  • Make sure the room is properly ventilated to keep air flowing
  • Check your plumbing routinely and spots where there are leaks

Homeowners who do not have time to inspect all of these places should look into cleaning companies that offer flood restoration and mould remediation services. This should take care of removing this recurring problem of mildew or mould for good from your home.

CleaningPro also offers mould treatment service for curtains and blinds.

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