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Spring Cleaning Essential Tips and Tricks

Spring is here to shine your life so be prepared to welcome it with the beautiful, clean and tidy house. When you live in a lovely environment, you feel ravished and joyous. Here are some tips for you which are proven and can help you get full zeal for pleasant weather. Prior to starting spring cleaning, you must make sure that your cleaning cloths and other items are bacteria and mould free and will not contaminate your household items. Microwave your cleaning sponge, wash your vacuum kit with mild detergent and sanitize your brushes with white vinegar by soaking it in vinegar for 15mins.

Spring Cleaning Essential Tips and Tricks:

  • Place the half cup water in the oven with lemon and heat it. Keep the oven closed for 5min and then wipe out the oven surface with a sponge.
  • A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda can eliminate the bad odour of your washing machine when used with hot water.
  • Your house/kitchen tiles get dirty and lose their shine so add ½ cup baking powder in 2 gallons of warm water and then apply it with sponge or mop to clean all tilled surfaces.
  • Clean your wall paints with the mild detergent solution and then wash away with water afterwards. It will impart shine to your home.
  • Vacuum clean your rugs and carpets and remove the stains with club soda if they have any.
  • Clean the fridge with detergent/dishwasher mixture and place ground coffee in it to give fresh odour.
  • The dishwasher is a heavy duty appliance. The grease, oils and other residues from your dishes stick to the lower pan of the dishwasher and give it a dirty look. For the major cleaning apply some dishwasher pack on the surface and run a cycle. It will clean all the residues from the surface.
  • Silver utensils are used for the ornamental purpose at home. Some people have silver cutlery sets which need proper cleaning because silver turns to black colour due to oxidation reactions.
  • Countertops are widely used whether it is a home or an office. You must seal your countertops to avoid liquid splash and renew the seal annually to avoid rust.
  • Kitchen/room cabinets and closets absorb dirt which imparts cakey look to them. Kitchen cabinets become greasy due to steam in the kitchen while cooking. Clean them with the mild detergent and wooden moisture filled cloth. Kitchen cabinets creams are also available in the market for cleaning purpose.
  • Window panes draw everyone’s attention at first glance so they are must cleaning items. Use a high-quality glass cleaning liquid and apply it with a soft cloth/wipe to avoid any scratches or lines on the glass. There is a simple tip to wash the glass panes on a cloudy day. It will prevent the early drying of cleansing liquid by sunlight.

We hope that this spring will be the brightest for you and our spring cleaning tips will make it easy to clean and refresh your home for spring.

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water damage restoration

Tips for Water Damage Restoration

Flooding of a property is a real-time possibility for a number of reasons. It may be owing to the occurrence of floods (which is no longer a rarity for many areas owing to global warming and climatic changes). On a lesser local scale; water pipe bursts or leaks, malfunction or accidental operation of sprinklers or even a tap left open by mistake can cause flooding of your home or business. Flooding can cause serious damage to the walls, flooring, carpets, rugs and other items. Here are some invaluable tips for water damage restoration:

Get all your valuables away from the water

Remove all your prized possessions, valuable items, and electronic gadgets immediately from the area affected by water and moved to a comparatively safer place. The best way to keep your possessions safe is to keep them from getting wet.

Drain as much water as you can

Once your things are safe, your second priority should be getting the water out. Remove as much water as you can. It is also advisable to call for professional help from a Flood Damage Restoration Company.

Thoroughly dry everything

Dehumidifiers and fans are the most efficient way to dry out all the wet surfaces. Any lingering dampness can cause the growth of mould, which can lead to some unwanted consequences.

Clean out the place

Wet, damp, and mouldy surfaces are the perfect place for bacteria to grow. Bacteria may have also entered your house through the flood water. This can pose some serious health threats to the inhabitants of the house. Use disinfectants to clean out your entire house, and let fresh air in.

Get rid of any mould growth

A large variety of products is available for people looking to get rid of mould from their homes. You can either use mould removal sprays or use DIY solutions like chlorine bleach and water to give it a go yourself.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Service by CleaningPro

Handling water damage restoration yourself is not an easy job, seeking out a professional to do it is a lot more efficient. It takes time, techniques and all the right equipment to get your house back to its pre-flood conditions. CleaningPro is willing to offer you all of that and more which makes flood restoration in Auckland a whole lot easier.

CleaningPro specializes in the area of water removal from carpets. While many other water damage restoration companies overlook the procedure to dry wet carpet.  We realise how significant it is to get your flooded carpet dried and cleaned. With our enhanced technology and well-experienced technicians, we can easily dry your wet carpet without any further harm coming to it by the use of our advanced carpet dryers, fans, and dehumidifiers. We will treat the carpet to remove unwanted odour. The colour, softness, and fabric of the carpet are returned to its previous condition.

All the procedures are completely safe, and extremely cost effective. So, you can rest assured that your damp and musky carpet is going to be as good as new in no time through our methods of overcoming carpet flood damage. Along with water extraction from carpet, CleaningPro is willing to solve any other water damage problem.

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Curtain Cleaning Tips

Curtains are the essential items in a building. They add colours to your rooms and homes. They provide protection from sunlight and maintain your privacy as well. Gracefully hanging curtains in style look beautiful and stunning. Whether they are curtains or blinds both look good until they are clean and clear from any stain. If they are dirty, they pose very ugly picture of resident’s way of living. These are first to strike one’s eyes as he or she enters your room.

Curtains are made of different fabrics e.g. Silk, cotton, coarse or rough, each has a different method to clean. Each requires different procedure and techniques to clean.

Curtains Cleaning Tips:

Curtain cleaning is a complete process in itself. It involves various steps to clean and really refreshes your curtain. Following are some of the steps:

  • You have to remove all fixtures first.
  • Shake those curtains at some open place preferably outdoor.
  • You may decide dry cleaning or washing depending on the type of the material.
  • Carryout general repairs and maintenance including repairing of pleats, replacing of loops and hooks and strings in the fabric.
  • Deodorize the curtains after drying.
  • Get those wrinkles off with immediate ironing.
  • Hang them fit and straight.

Cleaning curtains and blinds is a difficult proposition due to different fabrics and cleaning techniques involved in it. For this purpose, you can always a professional and highly committed people in Aukland.

Curtain Cleaning Auckland, Venetian blind cleaning and Window Blind Cleaning in Auckland is simply no problem if you call us. Never go with the opinion that your curtains or blinds are aged or gone wild. CleaningPro can refresh your curtains and blinds in little time, most economically and most professionally.

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Motivate Your Kids to Clean Up

Motivate Your Kids to Clean Up

We are being told many times that children are our future and in heart and soul, that is the real truth. If children lack motivation at their early age in life, just think about how they are going to be when they grow older. The fact is, it’s not going to look to good. So, therefore in what ways can we be able to use your personal improvement for tomorrow’s role models? I’m conscious that lots of people battle with this issue on a regular basis and I wanted to let you know about what has worked well in my situation. I’ll show you what you need to know to Motivate Your Kids to clean up… and any other chores.

First, let’s take a deeper dive into motivation and focus on these two types, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is always that motivation which comes from within. That is, motivation made by the good thoughts associated with an action. For example, the feeling of achievement that being successful on an exam evokes is an intrinsic motivator.

Extrinsic motivation is usually that motivation which arises from an outside source and sensed on account of external rewards. As an example, the grade one gets on an exam is an extrinsic motivator.

It’s important to note that while in the long run, parents aim for a child’s behavior to be principally intrinsically motivated, in the beginning, while getting kids used to helping around the house, a mixture of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators will be necessary.

Another thing that is very helpful and ties into the above motivators is what I term the PEARL of motivation. All kids want, need, and deserve all of the below, and it will be especially useful to Motivate Your Kids to Clean Up and anything else you want them to do.

Below is a couple of ways to motivate your kids to Clean Up.


The overwhelming majority of kids will do almost anything for praise. Try it and see if it doesn’t work wonders. In the beginning, you may need to search for something to appreciate but do it and see if they then don’t go out of their way to give you something even bigger to praise. Praise them for folding a single shirt and putting it in the drawer even if you DID ask them to do it.


As with adults, many times kids just need some support when beginning to do something that is new to them. Fear of failing or even just fear of not doing something the right way stops us all sometimes. Proper encouragement can help them overcome that fear. Encourage smaller ones that they can fold and put away their clothes because they are such a big boy/girl.


Everyone, young and old likes to be appreciated. Let them know how much you appreciate them folding and putting up their clothes. I used to show my appreciation to my kids for the help they gave during the week by sometimes letting them have the weekend off from the weekly cleaning and instead go hang out with their friends.


Above all things, kids need love. Love doesn’t mean expecting something of them; it means planning it and making sure they are well-equipped to handle the task through sincere praise, proper encouragement, and genuine appreciation.

With all these above, rest assured that all these will do wonders to motivate your Kids to Clean Up.



Safely Remove Black Mould from Your House

It is necessary to keep your home clean, hygienic and safe. However, there may be broken plumbing inside walls, poorly constructed pipes, or not enough air circulating which might cause ugly black mould to appear on the walls. While one might remove the cobwebs in the corners of the walls and ceilings, there is no easy way for removing these black spots or patches from your walls.

Why is Black Mould so Stubborn?

Firstly, before knowing how to safely remove black mould from your house, you would need to know what mould is. Mould or mildew forms when there is moisture in one part of the wall, which does not get enough ventilation. While installing electric dehumidifiers would be a great solution, one cannot do much after the wall has already become black and spotty.

Usually, these spots appear quite slowly and at places where one might not notice every day, but once mould arrives at the surface it definitely makes itself known. These spots do not go away with just sweeping or dusting because the problem lies deep beneath the surface, so they do not go away easily. They would come back quicker if the dusting is superficial.

Now that the walls have become ugly with mould or mildew patches, one can just aim to remove it by following a simple home remedy.

How to safely remove black mould from your house?

The process is very effective and pocket-friendly too. All that the homeowner has to do is mix the following chemicals 1/2 cup bleach, 1 qt. water and a little detergent. The bleach in the cleaning mixture kills the mould, and the detergent helps lift it off the surface so you can rinse it away. You can also buy a mildew cleaner at hardware stores, paint stores and most home centres.

Wear protective masks, goggles, and a pair of rubber gloves before mixing the chemicals. Then after applying the solution on the affected part of the mouldy wall, allow it to soak for a minute or two and with a stiff handled brush and scrub the hell out of it. Leave it for some time, and after that, clean it away with a damp towel. This should remove the mould from the walls properly. Though in order to ensure that this mould or mildew does not come back again, one shall have to follow a few steps.

  • Buy and paint the walls with an anti-mildew paint to keep it from resurfacing
  • Make sure the room is properly ventilated to keep air flowing
  • Check your plumbing routinely and spots where there are leaks

Homeowners who do not have time to inspect all of these places should look into cleaning companies that offer flood restoration and mould remediation services. This should take care of removing this recurring problem of mildew or mould for good from your home.

CleaningPro also offers mould treatment service for curtains and blinds.

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Cleaning Checklist – Moving in a New House

A person or a family that resides in a house sometimes unknowingly or unwantedly creates a mess that obviously needs a thorough cleaning and clearing before the next tenant or family arrives.

Generally, people think it is easy to clean their newly occupied home. As such it is not as simple as it looks. You have bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and many other places and corners in your house that require disinfecting, cleaning and polishing. It also requires special attention and particular handling skills to properly clean and makes your home livable for its new occupants.

The cleaning experts in this profession do it with a focus on the smallest details. The Cleaning Checklist provided by Cleaning Pro covers this thoroughly. If you are that new tenant, who has just arrived, you have to get all of the things done written below besides much more not written. These are the requirements for safe, healthy and allergen-free life for you and your family. When you go for occupying a used house, ensure those following things in the order of priority are properly cleaned and treated beyond doubt:

Cleaning Pro Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom and Toilets

A toilet is the most problematic version. It needs special emphasis. Following may be ensured:

• Toilet seats to be cleaned and sanitized.
• The floor should be sanitized.
• Wall tiles degreased, cleaned and polished.
• Shower screen removed, cleaned and polished.
• Bath, basin, taps, shower and fittings to be cleaned, dried and polished.
• All other minor accessories should be replaced preferably.
• Shower cabin, counter tops, sink and taps must be cleaned and disinfected.


The kitchen is second on the list. These are directly related to the health and hygiene of the tenants, therefore require exceptional treatment:

• Decontaminate and degrease everything that is there in the kitchen.
• Thorough cleaning and repair if required of cupboards inside and outside.
• Clean appliances exteriors and interior both.
• Ensure that window frames and glasses are clean.
• Check microwave and other electric appliances.
• Deeply cleanse of refrigerators and deep freezers in and out.
• Cooking and baking ovens are to be cleaned.
• Sinks disinfected, cleaned and shined.
• Anything related to water to be checked and cleaned properly.
• Floor surfaces to be vacuumed, wiped and polished.
• All light switches and bulbs checked for functionality and cleaned.
• Doors and door frames repaired.


Ensure that the rooms where you take rest and relaxation are comfortable, clean and immaculate. Consider it as important as any other corner of your house and try to pay a little extra attention over here as well. Ensure following:

• All carpets are removed, disinfected, cleaned and placed after a thorough cleaning of the floor.
• If there are tiles, then those are to be washed and polished.
• Remove all curtains or blinds and treat those properly.
• Clean the cupboards ins and outs.
• Ensure that all windows frames and sills are cleaned.
• Clean every wall, make those spotless.
• Check and clean all electrical outlets.
• Ensure cleaning of doors and their frames.

Whether it is End of Tenancy Cleaning, Move Out Cleaning or One-Off House Cleaning, each issue needs your definite attention, interest and focus. Without a doubt, you need your families to remain fit, fine and healthy. A clean house can give that promise. If you are living in Auckland, cleaningpro.co.nz is the right and best choice for your cleaning needs. We are cleaning professionals, competent and thorough in dealing with every aspect of your house. We take pride in our work and look forward to hearing from you.

Cleaning Service

Introduction to cleaning

It might seem like a senseless inquiry, with a blindingly clear answer…try and answer it!
The literal definition of cleaning is the removal of soil by applying energy. Let’s look at the various types of energy and how they are applied:

  • Chemical Energy
    Chemicals, when connected to soil will unstick it, separate it into littler particles and hold it in suspension, making it far less demanding to expel.
  • Physical Energy
    Almost, if not all cleaning tasks will involve the use of physical energy. For instance, if you are doing the washing up, the detergent will break down the grease on the plate following contact with it but in order to remove it completely, you will need to agitate the grease on the plate by using a cloth or pad. Physical energy required for particular cleaning tasks can be reduced when applied in conjunction with other forms of energy such as mechanical devices.
  • Heat Energy
    Applying heat alone i.e. in the form of steam can be an effective way of removing soil, particularly grease. However, placing cleaning chemicals in hot water will greatly improve its effectiveness, the reason being that the action of the heat on the grease will soften it allowing the chemical to penetrate it and break it down quicker.

House cleaning Tips

A place which makes me forget the stress and hard work of the day. My and my family’s memories are attached to it, the good and the bad!  I love my house and I want to keep it clean and hygienic every time.

Here, are few tips to keep house clean.

Clean a Mirror

You don’t need to purchase glass cleaners and paper towels to clean your mirrors. Simply some vinegar and an old daily paper is all you have to keep your mirrors sparkling as new. Your home will look cleaner if the mirrors are spotless.

A spot which makes me overlook the anxiety and diligent work of the day. My and my family’s recollections are appended to it, the great and the terrible! I adore my home and I need to keep it spotless and hygienic without fail.

Rinse Your Plate

Cleaning plates is a tuff thing if its kept for some time un cleaned. I rinse my plate after dinner and have all my family members do likewise and it makes washing plates so easy. It is a small and simple habit but makes a lot of trouble easier. I don’t care for attempting to wash got nourishment dry of dishes, isn’t that right?

Cleaning the Oven

Does your oven get used every day?  Someday if you’re not using your oven, give it a quick spray of oven cleaner and keep it like that till the next day. Before you turn on your oven the following day, give it a snappy wipe down. The baked on stuff comes off much easier than ever.

Cleaning the Fridge

An fridge looks huge and cleaning it looks much greater. Follow my steps and the work will be somewhat less demanding. First toss out any bad food. Then start with wiping down the top shelves and work down. Baking soda and water make a great cleaner and won’t leave your fridge smelling like harsh cleanser. After you wipe out the crispers, line them with paper towels for easier cleaning next time. Cleaning the fridge was never this simple.

Cleaning the Microwave

Cleaning a microwave is easy. Fill up a cup of water and put it in there on high for a few minutes. The steam from the cup will loosen any stuck-on food, and then you can just wipe it away. It’s that simple.

Cleaning your Bathroom

You can use lemon oil to shine the tiles of your bathroom. Lemon oil will also prevent mold and mildew. Use a false teeth bubbling tablet to avoid rings. Sometimes the problem with shower is that hard water gets build up there. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and place it over shower head to remove hard water buildup. You can use alcohol to shine bathroom faucets.

Toilet Hygiene

One of the most hated things to do but fortuitously, it can be done very fast if you follow the way I do, few steps to follow to get it done quickly. First pour some cleaner in the bowl to soak. Then wipe down the seat and outside of the bowl with an antibacterial wipe or spray cleaner. After that scrub the bowl with a toilet brush and finally wipe down everything again with a dry cloth to make it shine.

Bathtubs can be cleaned too EASILY

Cleaning bathtubs, here are a few things that may help:

Use a cleanser that will foam or bubble. This allows you to “soak” your tub or shower, even if it’s a vertical wall. Get a scrubber that fits your needs, a long-handled one or an extra firm one, pick a scrubber that will be easiest for you to use. Moreover, spraying the tub or shower down after each use can make cleaning easier.

I am sure these easy to use tips will help you keep your house clean and beautiful.

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First Apartment, Tips to Secure your Security Deposit

Your first apartment usually comes with a high security deposit, partially with the understanding that you have no rental history and no credit history. But once you get it, who gives a damn. You finally got something you can call your own until you find yourself scrambling when you’re moving out and worry about the carpets and the tiny holes in the walls. Here’s how to start out on the right foot!

Complete your Inspection Checklist

Prior to moving in you should be given a checklist that will allow you to list any imperfections. Take this seriously because you will be living there and this can make the difference in getting your security deposit back. Also with the times that we’re living in it’s good to take pictures. I, like most people, accepted the checklist and stuck it in a folder; leaving it forgotten until I was moving out. Then realized what that list could have done for me. There were plenty of things that didn’t work and needed a thorough cleaning from the moment I moved in.

Take the ten or twenty minutes to go through each room. Put extra attention on your outlets! Take a phone charger and plug into each one. Also, check your door locks, and mark down all preexisting stains on the carpet and again take pictures too.

Tip-Top Shape

Try your best when you are cleaning to view the apartment from a new tenant’s standpoint. Sure they’ll do some more cleaning before anyone else moves in but it’s easy to put on blinders so-to-speak after you’ve lived there for a few months and even more if it’s been a year.

Top spots? Hit the oven, inside and out, and the fridge too! Many suggest you repaint to the original color; I’ve never been at a place that made their color of choice known to its tenants. This was discovered after I moved out of my first apartment when I painted, “Eggshell White” which seemed like the original color to me. Well, it wasn’t and they took that right out of my deposit. Patch any holes though from posters or frames you put up.

Request a Final Walkthrough

A final walkthrough should be available upon request, but plan ahead and be ready to accommodate your landlord or property manager’s schedule. They can also blatantly say no. However, if they will do it with you, take advantage of that and point out anything that you had brought to their attention earlier. If a drawer started to stick or a door lock stopped working and you informed their office a few months ago this would be the time to discuss that.

If your budget allows it, hire a cleaning company to do an end-of-tenancy cleaning to secure your bond. When I stayed in Auckland I used Cleaning Pro, professional and reasonable cleaning prices.

Also take advantage of the opportunity to point out what is everyday wear and tear. You might not want to argue the floors too hard, but heavy traffic areas can be explained, point out doorjambs counters and any maintenance related issues. Both of these are common areas where they hit you and you don’t even know about it.

After your final walkthrough, definitely, leave your keys with the office or directly with the landlord. Leave a forwarding address too!


Carpet care auckland

Guide to Carpet Care

CleaningPro carpet care company provides residential and commercial services in and around Auckland. Below is our guide about carpet care.


  1. Vacuum regularly.
  2. Attend to spills immediately.
  3. Professionally clean as required


The most important step to maintaining your carpet is proper vacuuming. We recommend a thorough vacuum, at least once a week to remove dust and soil, and prevent particles from becoming embedded in the pile of the carpet. If required, you can vacuum more often.

We recommend an upright or canister type vacuum with a rotating beater bar/brush as the best type for cut-pile carpets. For loop-pile carpets use a suction only vacuum to protect the fibers. Also, to ensure your vacuum does not lose suction you should empty the vacuum cleaner dust bag once it is half full.


You can prevent damage to your carpet by placing absorbent mats at the most frequently used entrances to your home. These should be changed or laundered when they become dirty. By regularly changing the filters in your heating and air conditioning systems you can also vastly reduce the amount of dust that is exposed to your home and your carpet.


Removing spots and spills is essential to looking after your carpet. When faced with these types of incidents, speed is of the essence and applying the right treatments promptly will help prevent stains and damage. The following tips will help you deal with spills and spots you may encounter:

In the case of spilled liquids, the recommended method is to blot the spill with an absorbent, white cloth or Absorb-It.

If solids are spilled, they should be scooped or picked up quickly. Any remaining residue should then be treated – as per the cleaning instruction guide (detailed inside). When applying the cleaning agents, never apply them directly to the carpet and use a small quantity at a time.

By working your way inwards from the outer edge of a spot, you can prevent the stain from spreading

Keep the carpet as dry as possible during cleaning. After applying the required treatment, blot the area as dry as possible with a clean cloth and then cover with Absorb-It or paper towels to dry.

We recommend to get your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. The failure to professionally clean a carpet means that a certain portion of bacteria, like allergens and dander, will stay in your carpet. This is the number one cause of premature aging of carpet and loss of color. The remaining portion of bacteria, like dander and dust mites, enter your indoor breathing air and their exposure is a top cause for the onset or exacerbation of respiratory problems, like asthma and allergy attacks.

Click here to buy our Professional carpet cleaning service online.

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