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How Does the Airbnb Cleaning Fee Work?

Airbnb cleaning fees can vary wildly depending on the property. For example, a one-bedroom apartment with no added amenities like laundry or parking would charge a flat fee of around $40 in addition to the nightly rate for guests. However, if you were renting out a five-bedroom villa for a week with all its amenities included (e.g. a pool, sauna, and cleaning services for the property), you could easily charge your guests a cleaning fee of up to $450.

The cleaning fee, found on your listing's pricing page, is simply an extra cost added to your nightly rate like taxes and fees. When a guest books with you, that fee is automatically applied to their reservation.

Because Airbnb charges guests a 3% service fee, your cleaning fee is not subject to that service fee, which would mean an extra 3% of your revenue going into Airbnb's pockets.

For example, if you have a $100 nightly rate and a $40 cleaning fee, then your guest will pay $140 for the night.

What Does the Airbnb Cleaning Fee Cover?

The Airbnb cleaning fee covers the cost of cleaning your place and restocking your basics. Because you're a host who is providing a service to your guests, they will likely expect their space to be clean and tidy when they arrive. The cleaning fee helps cover costs for supplies and labor like:

Cleaning supplies like paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and trash bags. (Maybe you already provide these as part of your rental. Not all hosts do. You can also offer to add these to your guests' space for them).

Laundry detergent and fabric softener for their bedding.

A small cleaning fee is a great way to show guests you're invested in providing them with a clean place. It takes time and effort to clean, so it's worth a little extra cost on your part.

What is the Average Cleaning Fee on Airbnb?

According to Airbnb, the most popular cleaning fee range is $25 - $45, which consists of 11% of listings. This amount has the highest number of bookings as well.

The next most popular range is 20 - 25% ($51 and $100), and the last two ranges are 10 - 15% ($70-$140) and 40-50%. The highest and lowest range is the most popular on the site.

How Much Should I be Charging for My Cleaning Fee?

According to a survey by Airbnb, the average cleaning fee is $65. If you're charging less than that, you may want to consider increasing the fee to keep up with others. If you're already charging more than average, don't worry! Your place is likely to be booked for its premium price.

As a rule of thumb, try setting your cleaning fee somewhere between $25 and $45 ($25 being the most popular range). This is a good amount to cover any supplies like laundry detergent for your guests' bedding. You can adjust this amount based on your local market and customs.

How Can Airbnb Cleaning Fees Discourage Shorter Bookings?

Guests are more likely to book longer stays when the cleaning fee is cheaper. If you want to discourage shorter stays, you can charge your cleaning fee per night. This way, the guest will pay for the cleaning of one night at a time. That means if they stay two nights, they'll pay another full day of cleaning and a little extra, so they're less likely to extend their stay.

Is the Airbnb Cleaning Fee Subject to Airbnb Service Fees?

No, the cleaning fee is not subject to an additional service fee. When a guest books their reservation, they'll see the nightly rate and cleaning fee total rather than one summed amount. The cleaning fee is just a separate cost from their nightly rate that will be automatically added to their total at checkout.

Is the Airbnb Cleaning Fee Negotiable?

Yes. Your cleaning fee is a completely negotiable price. If you don't want to include it in your nightly rate, just adjust the nightly rate to compensate. For example, if you're listing for $100 and have a $40 cleaning fee, lower the nightly rate to $60 and your guests will see a total of $100 per night.

How Can Your Cleaning Fee Affect Your Listing Performance?

If you charge an above average cleaning fee, then you're likely to earn higher reviews because your place is cleaner. Research by Airbnb shows that listings with a cleaning fee are rated higher than listings without one. If your place is cleaner and tidier than other places, guests will notice and appreciate your efforts when they arrive. They'll also leave a positive review because they had such a nice stay, which makes it easier for future guests to book your place.

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