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How to Clean a Fish Tank

It can be difficult to clean your fish tank, but it is necessary to keep your fish healthy. A dirty tank will make the water murky and lead to algae growth. This blog post provides detailed instructions for how to clean a fish tank without any hassle!


Remove the tank lid and set it aside.

First of all you have to remove the tank lid and set it aside. You don't want to get any of the dirty water on it.

Next, use a net to remove all of the fish from the tank.

Be very careful when removing the fish from the tank so you don't injure them. You can use a net to scoop them up and then place them in a bucket or other container filled with clean water.

Make sure fish don't get hurt because animals do have feelings.

Now it's time to start cleaning!

Scrub away algae with a sponge or cloth that's growing on the sides of the tank.  Make sure you rinse off the sponge or cloth regularly so that there is no dirt or debris left behind in the tank.

Use a siphon to suck up all of the remaining debris on the bottom of the aquarium after you've removed all of the algae.

To use a siphon, you first have to fill it with water and then place one end inside the tank while covering up the other end so that no air is being let out. Keep your hand over this end until you are ready for all of the dirty water to be sucked into it. Then quickly uncover it and watch as all of that gunk flows through!

Scrub the tank glass

You can remove algae with a sponge and warm water by placing it on your fish tank, floor, or decorations. If you have an extra-thick layer of grime on the glass, use some aquarium cleaner instead of dish soap. You can find this at pet stores in a bottle with a nozzle for easier application

Clean Filter

Before starting it back up, remove excess food from the filter intake! Avoid getting too close to avoid being sucked into it yourself!! Once that is all done, then soak your old towel or rag in clean water from the sink and wipe down anything else inside of the bowl - such as rocks! This helps get off any leftover oils from your hands while keeping them safe from additional chemicals.

Replace the water in the tank

Finally, replace your fish and add a water conditioner to the newly-cleaned tank.

Once you've finished cleaning, it's time for a little break! Your fish will need some downtime before their next feed.

Add de-chlorinator if necessary

After adding, refill the tank with fresh, clean water. Wait about 24 hours for your fish to acclimate and add them back in!


Maintaining a fish tank is one of the most daunting tasks, but it's essential to keeping your fish healthy and looking good. The following blog post provides detailed instructions on how to clean a fish tank without any hassle!

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