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How to Get Rid of Paint Stains in Your Carpet the Easy Way

The paint got all over the carpet after you painted your living room. It's not a big deal when it is on the walls, but when it is on your nice clean carpet? That is another story. You have to get rid of that paint stain in order for your home to stay looking good! The best way to do this is by using these simple steps.

Be sure to put down plastic before trying any of these methods

Make sure you have protection covered over your hands as these chemicals can irritate your skin

Keep the paint off of anything that is not carpeted, such as walls or furniture. You don't want it to accidentally get painted over! Also make sure you have enough ventilation since these chemicals are strong and need fresh air in order for them to work well. Lastly, after taking care of the stain, clean up all excess residue with water.

Try to blot the paint stains with a clean, dry cloth

Use a clean cloth that is free of any chemicals to rub in the stain. It may seem like it's working at first, so keep going until you notice no change

Use mineral spirits or turpentine on your paint stains instead, if this does not work. Make sure these are diluted with water since they can be very harsh and strong otherwise

Mix one part dish soap into two parts water then dip a sponge into the mixture to get rid of those stains fast! You should also blot up as much excess liquid after cleaning up the mess by putting down more paper towels over the top of what you already have there

Use enzyme-based Cleaners

In case nothing else works, you can try an enzyme-based cleaner. This method doesn't really require the use of chemicals, but it is still helpful to have a sponge ready for wiping away any dirty spots

Use Dry-cleaner solvent

Cleaning carpets with dry-cleaning solvents will get rid of stains. You can usually find this at your local hardware store or even in some grocery stores if you look hard enough! To start off with, make sure that there are no other people around since this chemical has a strong smell and could irritate their noses

Use a carpet cleaner if you have one available 

The best way to get rid of paint stains is to use a carpet cleaning machine. Most home appliance stores will allow you to rent them for cheaper than buying one. Just make sure that when using this method that it does not get any paint on the walls or furniture since they may become stained.

Use rubbing alcohol and water

Mix one part rubbing alcohol with two parts water and dab this solution onto the paint stains. Take a clean, dry cloth to wipe up any excess liquid afterwards.


To make it look good, you need to paint the wall. However, once you're done painting and there is a new stain on your clean carpet? That's another story! Don't worry though because we have some ways that you can get rid of those stains without putting too much work into it.

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