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How to Keep your Home Clean all the Time

Cleaning an apartment is a necessity for living in one, but cleaning it well is less of a chore and more of an art. There are many different cleaning tasks that can be performed to keep your home clean, with some being done on a daily basis and others once every three months. This article will walk you through the steps for cleaning an apartment so that you never have to worry about what needs cleaning next!

Removing all the Clutter and Unused items

Remove all clutter by either putting it away or gathering it into piles based on the type of item or location in your apartment. The first step in cleaning an apartment is to remove all the clutter that has accumulated. Getting rid of unnecessary items will give you more space and easier access to surfaces when cleaning, as well as help, create a sense of order for your living quarters. If it's just one item or two at most, simply put them away where they belong; if there are many pieces filling up the room, gather these together into piles by type (CDs on top of DVDs) or location (kitchenware stacked neatly next to dishes). For big jobs like sorting through years worth of old mail piling up around your desk, set aside some time before cleaning day so that you can organize everything into smaller stacks based on category. This will make cleaning day much faster!

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Cleaning the windows and mirrors is a simple cleaning task. Simply use your duster or soapy water to clean the surface, avoid using abrasives that may scratch the glass, then rinse with warm water and dry carefully, you must use this stage of your home cleaning at least twice a month, also it depends on the condition of your house that how unclean it is.

You can use cleaning wipes to clean window surfaces, cleaning the glass surface with a cleaning wipe, and then wiping off. You will need to buy these in bulk so they are readily available - be sure to select one that is alcohol-free if you have children or pets (who may lick them).

Cleaning Floor

Vacuuming your hardwood floors every week is important for their upkeep. Dirt, dust, or food can accumulate on the floorboards over time which may lead to wear if not removed regularly. If you have an area rug in any main living spaces of your house, vacuum these rugs at least once a week.

Cleaning floors twice a week is just as important as cleaning any other surface in your home. Dust and dirt collect on the floorboards, which can cause wear if not removed regularly. If you have an area rug to cover the main living spaces of your house, vacuum or sweep these rugs at least once a week for quick cleaning and fresh-smelling home.

Cleaning Kitchen Areas

Wipe down countertops and the stovetop after cleaning your dishes to remove any water or food residue, which can lead to bacteria growth. If cleaning your counters becomes a chore, consider installing an inexpensive whiteboard or chalkboard to simplify the process.

Cleaning floors doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right cleaning products, you can make quick work of even the messiest kitchen or bathroom floor in a few minutes flat!


The next time you need to clean your apartment, don’t panic! This guide is here for you. It’s broken down into five sections with easy-to-follow instructions that will leave your home looking spotless in no time at all. Whether it’s the windows and mirrors or hardwood floors, we have a section just for them. You can even find out how often to vacuum each area of your home based on what type of flooring (hardwood, carpet) you have. We hope this helps make housekeeping easier for everyone!

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