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How to Make Your Blinds Look Like New

What about the old and worn out blinds in your home that look old and worn out because of the dirt, dust, and grime that has built up over time? If so, then this blog post is for you! You don't have to settle for a set of blinds that look rundown. 


Vacuum the dust off of your blinds

If you cannot vacuum your blinds, then wipe each slat with a wet wiping cloth and dish soap to remove dust and dirt that caused them to fall. Do not leave soapy residue behind after cleaning.

Clean the tracks that hold each slat together

In order for you to have a smooth and clean looking set of blinds, it's important not to forget about cleaning their tracks as well. Just like how dust and dirt build up over time along the horizontal portions of window coverings, so does grime around its track where each slat slides into place.

Wipe the grime off of each individual slat

Take a look at how dirty your old set of blinds is! After they have been cleaned by either vacuuming or wiping down with a washcloth, take some rubbing alcohol onto another rag and go around each individual slat once more in order to remove any leftover debris from their surface.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down any stains on the blinds

Even after thoroughly cleaning your blinds, it's possible that you could still encounter some stubborn stains left behind. If this is the case, then take an old washcloth and dampen it with warm water before using a small amount of dish soap to wipe down any marks on each slat until they are all gone!

Use a dry rag to buff out any scratches or scuffs that are left  behind

You can now use a dry rag to polish any scratches or scuffs left on your old set of blinds. This will make the slats look smooth without any imperfections showing through.

Spray water and vinegar mixture to clean your blinds 

If you are looking for a natural way to clean your blinds, then consider taking water and vinegar from the kitchen and mixing them together before spritzing it onto each slat! The smell will dissipate after drying so make sure not to be concerned about it.

Get rid of any lint, hair, or cobwebs from the surfaces of your blinds 

Just like your clothes at home, so do blinds collect lint and dust as well. If you want to make sure that all of the surfaces are free from these tiny particles, then slowly pull each slat out with one hand while using a paintbrush with the other hand to sweep away any stragglers!

Hang them outside if they smell like smoke or pet odors

Take your windows and blinds outside for about an hour to allow the fresh air to do its work if they smell like smoke or have been exposed to pet odors. This will help you remove any leftover traces of odor that linger.

Apply car wax to the top of your blinds for added protection

Car wax is the perfect way to add another layer of protection over your window coverings in addition to cleaning them! Simply rub a dollop or two onto each slat before taking an old, clean rag and buffing it all off. This will help protect against any scratches that may happen during transportation when you are moving homes!


Over time, window coverings can become dirty and weathered. There are many different ways to clean them, but using a vacuum to remove any dust or debris is the best way! If you do not have access to a vacuum, then use water and dish soap on a washcloth instead! Make sure that all of your window treatments (such as blinds) are completely clean before using a rag to wipe down each slat with warm water and dish soap.

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