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How to Remove Pet Hair from the Floor

I have a cat and an occasional dog that I like to pet. One of the unfortunate side effects is that they leave behind their hair on my floors. This is not only annoying for me, but it also makes it difficult to vacuum because the hair gets caught in the vacuum cleaner or sticks to the bristles of a broom. In order for me to keep my home clean, I need to learn how to remove pet hair from flooring! In this blog post there is a full guide on how to remove pet hair from your flooring.



This is the most common way to remove pet hair from your flooring because it is easy and you can do this even if there’s a layer of dust on top of the ground or any other kind of debris that may be in the way! The first thing I need to do for best results is get my vacuum cleaner out and start vacuuming everything up, including all kinds of dirt and grime. If there are areas where hairs are stuck on things like furniture, then using a brush will help me take care of it more quickly! When sweeping with a broom make sure not to push too hard as this could lead to scratches.

Remove hair from your vacuum

Cleaning out the pet fur and dust can be done by removing it from my vacuum cleaner. I find this to be a helpful way of getting rid of any hairs that are loose on top, or stuck in between the bristles! The first thing you want to do is take off all attachments so that there's nothing blocking anything inside. Once everything has been removed, plug in the cord and start vacuuming up as much hair as possible before unplugging again. You'll need to repeat these steps until no more hair comes up with each use! When you're finished make sure not to leave dirt behind for someone else because they may just get frustrated if they have trouble getting it out.

Sweep with a broom

This is the second most common way of cleaning up pet hair from your floor and like vacuuming, I find that sweeping can be done more easily if there's nothing in the way! When using a broom to sweep any loose hairs off of my floors, you'll want to use light pressure so as not to scratch or damage them- just enough for when they're stuck on top. It doesn't matter what kind of surface I'm dealing with because all I need is either an old one or buy something new and clean! If anything gets caught then make sure not to push too hard. You should also never use the same item twice in one day

Use a dustpan to remove hair from the floor

If there are areas that are difficult to clean but still have pet hairs on them, then I need something more specific. That's why using a dustpan is handy because it allows me to get all of those stubborn pieces of hair thing you want to do off without any problems! is make sure that the dustpan has a wide enough surface so that it can catch as much hair as possible. Once I have everything ready, I need to start sweeping close to where there's a lot of pet hairs on my flooring and then sweep it into the dustpan.

Use a lint roller to remove stubborn pet hairs

The last step I want to do is use a lint roller because this will help get rid of any hair that's stuck on my clothes from when I was near them or if they're just hard to find!

Sprinkle Salt and then Sweep it up (option)

I have found that sprinkling some salt in areas where there are too many loose hairs can be helpful for getting them off. It also makes me feel better about not having a vacuum cleaner, since all you need at this point is something with bristles like a broom! When using salt, make sure not to put so much right away.

Use a Wet Sponge or rag to Wipe Down the Floor

If all else fails, then you can use a damp cloth and some warm water to get any unwanted pet hairs off.


I hope this blog post has been helpful for getting rid of hair from your floors! With these steps it will be easy because they're quick and simple- just remember not to push too hard when using anything with bristles like a broom or brush!

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