12 Inch Portable Air Blower

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12 Inch Portable Air Blower – Carpet Dryer

12″portable air blowers have a durable and firm structure, with good insulation, high pressure and large air volume. They could get rid of odour and waste gas efficiently and effectively. They are also ideal for flood restoration, electric soldering, tunnels, basements, smoking rooms, chemical laboratories, events and activities.


* Can easily be stacked for transportation and storage.
Supporter and handle flexible using, movable operation.
Capability to connect up to 125 feet (38 m) of straight duct.
* Large fan blades generate greater air flow for increased efficiency.


Model Number: SHT301
Colour: Blue
Voltage: 220~240V/50Hz
Power: 520W
Speed: 2850RPM
Air Volume: 2300CFM
Dimensions: 41*33*42.5cm
Unit Weight: 9KGS

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