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Comprehensive Meth Testing:

For those who want to know the details

Comprehensive Meth Testing is for the people want to know more detail and understand how much meth is in different areas of the property. When Insights testing, we use individual kits to sample individual areas. This can be expensive, so for most people, a Baseline test is the first step.

The Insights service is designed to help people get a cost-effective understanding of where meth residues are located on their property. It is a technically credible alternative to the approach adopted by service providers who use in-field test kits.

As with Baseline test, the recommended approach is to sample all areas in a property. The more areas that are not sampled, the greater the likelihood problematic levels of meth are missed.

When to use Insights Service – where a Baseline meth test has identified low levels of meth residues (<2µg of meth), and there are no complicating factors like redecoration. Or an infield test from another service provider has indicated positive and risk factors are considered to be low.

We sample every room in a property individually. We do not use the composite/group sampling technique unless specifically requested to do so.

What we do

  • Sample up to 8 areas per kit – most companies do just 4
  • We aim to sample all rooms in the house – reduces the risk of missing problems
  • Process samples through a laboratory – reduces the risk of missing meth
  • Yes or no answer for presence of meth – level of meth indicates how bad it is
  • Identify meth at very low levels – really important when a place has been painted!
  • Call you with the results – you get immediate answers to questions
  • Provide a lab report – you get confirmation of the details
  • Prepare a cover letter – you get additional context around next steps
  • Provide ongoing support – we help you get the right result

Comprehensive Meth Testing Prices:

Our pricing is very simple and is based on no of rooms.

$149 Per room.

Standard Turnaround: 5 days. Please call us before booking as we are extremely busy during this time of year.


Fast 2 Days Turn-around $80
Full 3-page Indicative report $80

Standard Meth Testing Pricing:

From $199. Please click here to buy Standard Meth Testing online.

*For properties requiring extra efforts +25%
**Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available, the customer will pay the costs incurred by parking.

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