Low Profile Drymax Carpet Dryer

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Low Profile Drymax Carpet Dryer / Air Blower

The new DRYMAX is a radial air mover with outstanding performance(925 CFM and 1.9amps), as well as many superior features, including its exceptional ergonomics and compact size. The DRYMAX is the smallest low profile air mover on the market. Weighing in at just under 9KGs, it’s lightweight and built tough for transportation between job sites.


Smallest on the market
Stackable for Storage
Best-in-class stacking and cord wrap
Nested stacking saves 3/4” per unit
Solid, Integrated handle for bookshelf stacking 925CFM, 1.9 Amps
All Stainless Fasteners(no rust)
GFCI protects he unit and everything plugged into it Robust Polypropylene Housing
Easy to clean – The top, motor, and all electronics lift out Better airflow underneath and around
the DRYMAX No “airflow dead spot” in front of the unit


Model Number: AP1100021
Colour: Blue
Voltage: 220~240V/50Hz
Power: 188W
3-Speed: 1370RPM
Air Volume: 925CFM
Dimensions: 63*48*25cm
Unit Weight:8.5KGS

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