Spring Cleaning Auckland

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Prices below are for the ceiling with fewer spots.



 Spring Cleaning Auckland / Deep Cleaning

CleaningPro is the fastest growing company in Auckland and we offer a unique Spring Cleaning service. We also provide one-off cleaning and carpet cleaning services. Our well trained and qualified team is available at your service – just a phone call away.

Why choose CleaningPro Auckland for you Spring Cleaning:

  • Friendly, fast and efficient, our staff will ensure your house/building is fresh and ready for the new season without any stress for you.
  • Our team is equipped with innovative cleaning equipment which assures the high standard of our cleaning service.
  • We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and that’s why our clients have shown immense trust in our services.

Our spring cleaning checklist is below.

Living Room Cleaning:

Cobweb removal, general tidying, skirting board cleaning, ledges and window outline disinfecting. Carpet vacuuming, hard floor surface mopping, wiping furniture, entryways/outlines cleaning, light fittings and walls cleaned.

Kitchen cleaning:

Outside kitchen pantry cleaning, clean kitchen appliances externally, ledges and window outlines. Cleaning of microwave inside/outside, oven outside, fridge outside, rangehood outside, sinks (cleaning, purification and chrome sparkle), benchtop cleaning, cobweb removal, hard floor surfaces vacuum and mop.

Bathroom Cleaning:

Shower, ledges, sink and taps, light fittings and knobs cleaned. Bathtub, mirrors and hard floor surface vacuum and mopped.

Bedroom Cleaning:

Remove cobwebs, clean marks and spots from walls and light fittings. Wipe skirting, vacuum and mop floors. Dust furniture, and wipe window sills and frames.

Spring Cleaning Prices:

1-Bedroom House $139
2-Bedroom House $179
3-Bedroom House $219
4-Bedroom House $259
5-Bedroom House $299
6-Bedroom House $339

All the pricing options include one bathroom, one kitchen and one living room. Extra charges will be applied if client has additional rooms. Extra charges are as follows:

Additional Kitchen $69, Additional Bathroom $69, Extra Living Room $49. Single Garage $40, Double Garage $79, Triple Garage $99, Laundry $35, Separate Toilet $35.

Cleaning Oven Inside $49: Inside cleaning of the appliance, removal of oil build-up and outside surface cleaning.

Inside Refrigerator $49: Defrosting, cleaning, removal of mould, grime, and food waste.

Kitchen Pantry Interior $49: Cleaning within kitchen pantry shelves/organisers. (Cabinets must be empty).

Inside windows cleaning: Small house $89, Medium house $139, Large house $189.00

Ceiling cleaning:

Small house: $99 (less demanding and fewer spots) or $198 (for heavy-duty cleaning).
Medium house: $159 (less demanding and fewer spots) or $318  (for heavy-duty cleaning).
Large house: $199 (less demanding and fewer spots) or $398 (for heavy-duty cleaning).

We also offer residential carpet cleaning service in combination with spring cleaning and one-off cleaning.

Important notes:
*25% extra charges on spring cleaning service if the houses needing extra efforts.
**Parking at customer expense (where free parking not available)

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