Tile Cleaning & Grout Cleaning Service Wellington


Tile and Grout Cleaning $12 Per Sqm

Tile Floor Sealing $8 Per Sqm

Minimum Charge $180+GST

Extra rooms/Split Areas $50 extra for each

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Tile Cleaning & Grout Cleaning Service Wellington / Tile and Grout Sealing

Are you tired of worrying about your dirty tile? Well we have the solution for you- CleaningPRO! As a top notch company, all our professional services are guaranteed to leave your property tiled well. You can count on us to provide cleanliness and competitive prices while not compromising quality whatsoever!

High quality Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning For You!

Tiles and stones are not immune to the dirt that inhabits every corner of your home. Over time, bacteria will spread in areas with high traffic, like bathrooms or bedrooms where it can thrive on surfaces such as tiles and grout floors. Without a deep clean from professionals, these microbes cannot be stopped easily by mere soap and water scrubbing alone. A once-a-year service should suffice for those who maintain their personal hygiene practices, but if you're more lax about it then we recommend getting professional help twice a year - once during spring cleaning season!

The ceramic or stone tile in kitchens, bathrooms, entrances and even outdoors is one of the cleanest touches to the simple architectural components of a house. Marble is hard to go wrong. It's long-lasting, durable and it looks great. A stone tile floor in the entrance immediately adds a class air in a home, and in the backyard there's nothing like a stone patio to host a family and friends barbecue.

How Do We Perform The Services?

For genuine tile cleaning and grouts cleaning, you need an expert! You should have the experts for this job to make sure it is done right.

  • We use Sophisticated thermo-based equipment, tools for washing, steam control, and tight-pressure rinsing to eliminate the dust and dirt that others can not.
  • We go deep into clear stubborn debris-even at the most difficult corners to touch.
  • We complete the job by implementing a reinforcing adhesive which saves your building up to two years from mildew and staining.
  • We specialize in the maintenance of green grout, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.
  • We can also use Grout ColorSealTM to preserve the look of your tile and grout.

We employ moisture accumulation stripping items to extract dirt that is deeply rooted in grout patterns, avoiding harmful chemicals that can ruin your ceilings. We may add a sealant after the cleaning to cover your grout lines and prevent them from collecting dirt and liquids.

Professional Staff Providing Qualitative Services!

Our services of stone cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing reach deep into the porous surfaces to eliminate the infection that can spread germs, minimize grime and seal off dirt. And the outcome? You can regain your floors 'appearance while also broadening your stone and tile surfaces' life. We use a wide variety of cleaners’ products to keep your home smelling nice and looking clean. They are safe for the whole family, including pets!

One question many residents have when they have their homes cleaned is that the materials and procedures the company uses are much more hazardous than what they remove. This is not a problem with the services of cleaningPRO All the products in our main cleaner are healthy and certified for your home and family, so you can trust us and our team of professionals.

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The highly professional teams at cleaningPRO have been recommended by many real estate companies and individual clients. We will provide you high standard tile cleaning service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, please contact us within 24 hours and we’ll re-send our cleaners to clean it again.

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