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The Top Mistakes Made Cleaning Your Home

It's that time of year again when everyone is trying to get their homes clean and organized for the New Year. However, many people make common mistakes that can actually slow them down and make the cleaning process more difficult. In this blog post, we will discuss the top mistakes made while cleaning your home, and how to avoid them!


Not cleaning surfaces regularly:

One of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning their homes is not cleaning surfaces regularly. This can lead to dirt and dust building up over time, which makes the cleaning process more difficult. To avoid this, be sure to clean your surfaces regularly using a damp cloth or an all-purpose cleaner.

Not vacuuming often enough

Another mistake that people often make is not vacuuming often enough. Vacuuming helps remove dirt, dust, and other allergens from your home, so it's important to vacuum at least once a week.

Not disinfecting surfaces

Another common mistake is not disinfecting surfaces after they have been cleaned. This can help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in your home. Be sure to disinfect surfaces after cleaning them using a disinfectant cleaner or a solution of bleach and water.

Not organizing before cleaning

Another mistake that people often make is not organizing their belongings before they start cleaning. This can lead to disorganized messes and can slow down the cleaning process. To avoid this, make sure to organize your belongings before you start cleaning.

Forgetting to clean hidden areas 

Another mistake that people often make is forgetting to clean hidden areas of their homes. This can include cleaning the tops of cabinets, cleaning inside closets, and cleaning under furniture. Make sure you clean all hidden areas of your home to ensure that everything is clean from top to bottom.

Using the wrong type of cleaner

Another common mistake that people make when cleaning their homes is using the wrong type of cleaner. If you are going to clean a surface, make sure the cleaner is designed for that surface. For example, use a glass cleaner on windows and mirrors and an all-purpose cleaner on other surfaces.

Trying to do it all yourself

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning their homes is trying to do it all themselves. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. For this reason, seek the help of family or friends, hire a professional cleaner, or make use of a cleaning service.

Over-scrubbing or using harsh chemicals

One final mistake that people make when cleaning their homes is over-scrubbing surfaces or using harsh chemicals. This can damage surfaces and actually make them dirtier over time. Clean surfaces lightly with gentle cleaners and use gentle cleaners to avoid this problem.


In cleaning your home, there are a few mistakes that are very common. By avoiding these mistakes, you can make the cleaning process easier and faster! For more tips on how to clean your home efficiently, make sure to check out our other blog posts!

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