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Top Mistakes Homeowners Make on DIY House Cleaning

Do you have a home of your own? Congratulations, that's quite an achievement. Now don't screw it up by doing all the cleaning yourself! If you want to keep your house looking great for years to come, then there are some things that need to be done on a regular basis. This blog post will discuss 7 common mistakes homeowners make when they decide to do their own DIY house cleaning and how you can avoid them.


Using all-purpose cleaner on your walls

If you use a single cleaner for  absolutely everything, you're probably defeating the whole purpose of using cleaning products in the first place.

Avoiding dirt and grime on your walls is a key part to keeping them looking great for years to come. If they get dirty or dusty then it's very difficult (if not impossible) remove that type of mess without damaging the paint underneath.

Not vacuuming the corners or edges of rooms

Another common problem homeowners make is not vacuuming the corners or edges of their rooms. Dirt and dust can pile up in these hard-to-reach areas, resulting in a mess that's very difficult (if not impossible) to clean up by yourself.

Using harsh chemicals on your bathroom surfaces

Cleaning products might seem the same, but that couldn't be further from the truth! Many household cleaners contain harmful chemicals which can damage certain types of materials found around your home; especially porous ones such as grout lines between tiles and marble countertops. If you're living with any type of surface where it's important to keep them looking great for years to come, then always do some research before using a chemical cleaner on it.

Wiping down surfaces with just water and a paper towel 

Despite the fact that it's better than nothing, wiping down surfaces with just water and a paper towel isn't enough to get them truly clean. You should always use cleaning products (even if they're all-purpose) when doing DIY house cleaning; otherwise you'll never remove the dirt and grime from deep within the grooves of different materials found around your home.

Not paying attention to windows or window sills

Maintaining your windows is another key part in keeping your entire place sparkling! This includes not only the insides but also their frames as well as exterior ledges known as "window sills." Dust can pile up quickly on these areas so be sure to wipe them down regularly using either warm soapy water or an anti-bacterial spray.

Not using an anti-bacterial cleaning solution

Regardless of whether you already use an antibacterial spray, it's still better to use a dedicated one when cleaning bathrooms. This is because they contain harsh chemicals which can damage the grout lines found between tiles and thus make them look dirty even when they're not!

Using paper towels on hardwood floors

For wood that will last for years without needing professional help, then always use microfiber cloths (not paper towels) whenever possible. Paper towels will scratch up the surface over time whereas microfibers won't; leaving the appearance of your flooring in pristine condition for many years in front of you!

Not using a protective mat under furniture

Even if it seems inconsequential, but using protective mats under furniture will do wonders for keeping your floors looking pristine. If you're moving chairs or couches around without any protection underneath them, then there's an excellent chance that they'll scratch up the flooring over time. This is another reason why it's important to always use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels whenever possible; especially if you have wood flooring in need of protection!


When it comes to keeping your home clean and looking great for many years to come, then always make sure that you're doing everything possible in terms of DIY house cleaning. Avoiding the common mistakes listed above will go a long way towards preventing dirt and grime from piling up on different types of surfaces found around your home; which is definitely something worth keeping in mind!

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