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Top Tips For Cleaning Up After a Fire

Fires can be devastating when they occur in your home. Fires are not only costly, but they can cause severe damage to the property that they have affected. The aftermath of a fire is often messy and unpleasant, which is why it's important for you to use these tips on how to clean up after a fire so you don't stress about the damage any longer than necessary!


Get rid of any remaining smoke or soot with a glass cleaner.

It may be necessary to install an air purifier in your home for several months after a fire has occurred if the fire was particularly bad. This is because smoke damage can cause unpleasant smells and even harm your respiratory system! Air cleaners aren't too expensive, but they will make sure that you stay safe throughout the process of cleaning up after a fire.

Donate any damaged items or throw them away if possible; don't keep things with sentimental value unless you're able to clean them first as not all smoke stains are removable by hand.

Remove all items from cabinets, drawers, closets, and other areas to check for damage.

Look for items at your local garage sale or online if you need to replace those damaged by the fire. There are many websites where people sell their used goods if they're no longer needed; this will help to relieve stress on your wallet while also getting rid of any unwanted clutter!

Consider Using Power Boards

Immediately after the incident, don't overload electrical outlets with too many appliances. This is because it can cause more problems down the road and increase your chances of another fire occurring! If an outlet was badly burnt by a previous fire, consider using power boards instead so that everyone has access to electricity without causing any damage themselves. Do NOT use extension cords either as these can easily overheat and cause further issues within your home! It may seem like time consuming work, but cleaning up after a fire will leave you with more space and reduce the risk of further damage occurring.

Take inventory of everything you need to replace and

Plan what you need to buy and keep a list.

Make a full list of items that are damaged and are going to be replaced, this will also ensure that your home looks new!

Don't clean up after a fire until it has stopped smoldering and is completely out!

It is very important to properly remove all embers after they have burned out, as embers can ignite further fires. It's also important to wait for the area in question to cool down before attempting to clean up after a fire. Other parts of the home may also become damaged if you start mopping, sweeping, or doing other tasks before they are at an appropriate temperature!

Keep windows open to allow fresh air in and prevent any mold

Keep the windows open to allow the air air. As for fire stopping we use water and that water might cause mold growth. That's why it is best to allow the fresh air to pass through the home.

Shut off the power 

If you're concerned about anything electrical, turn it off at the main switch so that no one is harmed while cleaning up after a fire. This will also help reduce your energy bills, which can be reduced if most of your appliances are not being used!

Get a carbon monoxide detector from your local hardware store

You can breathe safe air while cleaning up after a fire if you do this.

Don't use any harsh chemicals or detergents on burned surfaces; this can make the problem worse and lead to further damage!


When cleaning up after a fire, wait until it has stopped smoldering and is completely out! If any embers are still present, these can cause further fires if they're not removed properly. It's also important to wait for the area in question to cool down before attempting to clean up after a fire.

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