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What to do After a Fire: A Step-by-step Guide

When it comes to fires, there is a lot of information out there. What do you do when the fire department arrives? What if your house doesn't have gas or electricity? What should you pack for children and animals? What kind of photos should be taken before everything is lost in a fire?

We're going to answer all these questions and more! In this blog post, we will go step-by-step through the process of what to do after a fire. We'll tell you what steps to take first as well as those that come later. So whether it's your own home or someone else's property, make sure you read on so that nothing can happen without being prepared!

Call Fire Department

When it comes to fires, there is a lot of information out there. What do you do when the fire department arrives? You'll want to tell them where any gas lines are and show them all electrical outlets- then get everyone outside immediately! Section Two: Put Out Any Remaining Fires with a Fire Extinguisher What if there is smoke in the house? If you have an open window or door, try to keep it that way- but don't forget your health and safety! Breathing in too much smoke can be really bad for you. Check out our blog on how to deal with toxic fumes here: What To Do When There's Smoke In Your House

Turn Off All Gas Lines and Electricity

What happens when natural gas lines are present at the property where the fire occurred? Put out any remaining fires before going near them--natural gas should still be off by this point anyways since emergency personnel would've turned it off as soon as they arrived; turn off all electricity just to make sure there isn't a chance of that power coming back on. What if you have no gas line at your house? Turn off all electricity and then pack children and animals in a safe place--ready to evacuate, just in case!

Getting Rid of Smoke

If There Is Smoke In The House Open Doors And Windows What should we do when there is smoke in the house but it's not possible to leave through the front door? First thing- open any doors or windows so people can get some fresh air. What about keeping them closed (or opening one window) for ventilation while you're waiting for emergency personnel? What happens when someone has asthma or allergies where they live? Get their medication from wherever it's stored; keep pets with kids away from less desirable areas like

Take Photos

If possible (and it is likely), take photos of everything before it can be lost in the fire: belongings, furniture, etc. There may not be much chance after they've been covered up with water from the fire department or from clean-up--some insurance companies will require this documentation later on! Keep these images backed up online too just in case anything happens to your computer. What kind of photos are good to document? Photos that include serial numbers and bar codes; receipts; floor plans showing where the items are located; photos of what you were wearing when the incident occurred.

What To Do For Children And Animals

What should we pack for children and animals before an emergency situation? If there is going to be any kind of evacuation, make sure you have your pets' leashes/harnesses ready. What if they're not wearing them or are too young--how will they know what's happening if it happens after everyone has gone to sleep? Keep their favorite toy nearby (or two!) as well so that nobody feels abandoned. But even with this preparation, don't forget about comfort needs! Pack blankets and sweatshirts- just in case!--as well as snacks like granola bars or applesauce cups.


It's important to know what steps need to be taken after a fire has started because there are many incidents where people don't have time for their belongings until later on when everything is already gone. Make sure everyone knows what they need to do and refer back here often just in case someone forgets something!

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