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Floor Sanding Auckland | Wooden Floor Polishing

The residents of New Zealand mostly prefer wooden floors over rugs and carpets. The investment of floors may seem to be one time, but they require proper care and support to offer a long-lasting experience. CleaningPro’s floor sanding Auckland service is here to resolve your worries with quality maintenance and assurance from sanding till polishing. With an experience spanning over 7-years, we can address any type of wooden floor for servicing ranging from wooden floorboards, particleboard and strand board, parquetry, pre-finished wooden tile and engineered wooden flooring.

Cautions before Floor Sanding Process

Some important notes before our team arrive on the site.

  1. Remove indoor plants, furniture, and eatables.
  2. Make it sure there are multiple electricity connections available.
  3. Enough parking space is required to accommodate heavy machinery.
  4. Property should be vacant and no other trade person should be working to avoid contamination.

Stages of Floor Sanding Process

There are in total 3 stages which are involved in reviving the shine of your wooden floor. That is;

  1. Preparation
  2. Floor Sanding
  3. Floor Coating


It involves removing damaged pins, staples and tacks from the previous flooring to prepare the floor for the sanding process. These staples may do harm to the working machines. After their removal, nails are punched and any required treatment of the floor is done.

Floor Sanding:

It is a usual practice sanding the floor with 40 grit in start to balance out any difference in height between boards. Then, the floor is treated multiple times with various sandpapers of different grits as recommended by flooring specialist. First, it is sanded with 60 grits followed by 80 grits to the medium range of sanding. Corner and edges are also sanded to make the floor ready for final sanding stage. Minor holes and gaps are filled and the floor is then given time to settle and dry out after application of filler. The floor is then fine sand and disc is applied to it to make it ready for the first coat.

A bonus offer in wood flooring and wooden floor polishing is FREE OF COST repair of minor damages. E.g. mending minor pipe holes, repairing a loose board and removing damaged pins and staples. Additional repair services can be added in the list and the final cost may be revised at the time of area visit.

Floor Coating

In the early days, oil-based polyurethane was commonly used. Now there has been a lot of development in water-based polyurethane and the product is much safer and durable. Water based polyurethane has lower Volatile Organic Compound. It is eco-friendly and does not leave toxic fumes. The drying time of the water-based polyurethane is much lower than oil based. It dries completely within 24 hours. So water based polyurethane is our preferred choice of coating.

Application of coats

This stage of the process requires extra care to prevent any contamination which could cause damage. Even a pitch of dust is not healthy for the exposed wooden floor. The machinery involved in floor sanding is designed such that, it keeps the adherence of dust to the floor at minimum.

After sanding, the floor is vacuumed and wiped with a damp microfibre cloth to remove any leftover wood dust. Then it is left to dry so that the floor is ready for coating. We use 3 coats of water-based polyurethane after preparing the floor. One coat requires at least a one complete day to get it dry completely. It is suggested keeping this area off to any visitor or person for the next 24 hours. Any march on the wet floor will not only damage the finish but will also leave marks and dust that would be hard to manage. The second and third coat is applied exactly after 24 hours of the previous coat. It requires about 3 solid days for the polyurethane to mature and solidify.

Installing back furniture & rugs

It is a nice idea to keep your treated floor free of any furniture or heavy items for next 7-days. If it really needs to be done before one week, then no earlier than 48 hours of the final application. Never ever drag your furniture on the floor as it will lead to tinting, scratching, and scrapping of the floor. Carpets and rugs should be installed back after 1 week as they may get stick to varnish and cause scratching, imprints and marks.

Floor Sanding Prices Auckland | Wooden Floor Polishing Prices:

Wooden Floor Sanding and Polishing $59 per square meter. Minimum charge 25 sqm i.e. $1475.
Wooden Stairs Sanding and Polishing $45 Per Step. (Up to 1 metre wide).

Price includes wooden floor sanding and 3 coats of water-based polyurethane.

For areas more than 200 Sqm, we will send our tech to have a look and then provide you with a competitive quote with a great discount.

Please check our carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning service also.

*For floors requiring extra efforts will be quoted after onsite inspection.
**Please note that area must be vacant. If not,  its customer’s responsibility to move the furniture.
***Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the customer.

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Wooden Floor Sanding and Polishing $59 Per Sqm, Wooden Stairs Sanding and Polishing $45 Per Step