Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Auckland


Tile and Grout Cleaning $12 Per Sqm

Tile Floor Sealing $8 Per Sqm

Minimum Charge $180+GST

Extra rooms/Split Areas $50 extra for each

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Auckland / Tile and Grout Sealing

CleaningPro brings to Auckland a fast, reliable and efficient tile cleaning and tile and grout sealing service. CleaningPro is considered to be Auckland’s number one tile and grout cleaning service, leaving them looking like new. We have been proudly serving the Auckland area for many years with ample hands-on experience – it’s safe to say that we are the leaders when it comes to tile and grout cleaning services in Auckland.

A hard day of work can leave your floor with dirt, grime and grease that leaves a bad impression for you guests. CleaningPro has the best tile cleaning service in town! We use advanced steam machines to remove stains while also providing sealing services to prevent future messes.

Sadly, the tiles, floors and surfaces of our cherished homes lose lustre and shine over time. This is inevitable even with the best of mopping and scrubbing since they lack deep action edge required for such tile and grout cleaning. Part of the problem resides in the fact that grout is porous in nature and allows absorption of dust and dirt (that is impossible to remove by scrubbing and mopping). Resulting in the grout becoming faded and giving a worn-out look – this is the time to call in the heavy artillery.

Trying to understand why grout sealing is important? It’s simple, the grout sealing is an important detail that we often overlook. By just taking one extra step you can ensure that the beauty of your tile lines is enhanced by perfecting grouting and the way your tiles are filled, because if the job goes wrong by an unprofessional tiler, it can be a hassle to fix it. Use CleaningPro to ensure that your tiles are sealed with efficiency and professionalism.

CleaningPro is the most professional tile and grout cleaning service in Auckland, restoring tiles, flooring, and grout to an amazing finish. Our tile cleaning, tile floor sealing, and grout cleaning service are undertaken with the best chemical agents.

Tile and Grout Cleaning using Truckmount

Check our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service using our latest machine. You will not get the same results if you hire other tile cleaning companies.

We use the latest in technology and best of the products

Deep cleaning experts, CleaningPro, are proud to follow the best and latest trends and technology for the cleaning of floor tiles. Our choice of cleaning products from only the most authentic and known brands in the market, ensure the best possible results in tile/grout cleaning, tile sealing, and tile and grout restoration.

We use a state of the art scrubbing machine equipped with a rotary brush attachment to ensure a clean and effective finish, cutting through grease and dirt. The slime is extracted by a powerful suction machine with the help of hot water and steam.

CleaningPro use superior products and equipment in order to ensure that we reach areas that are not reachable by anyone else, this is why we acclaim the title of the best tile and grout cleaning service in Auckland.

Tile and grout polishing. Hard floor sealing. Tile floor cleaning

Sealing is a necessity for most tiles (being porous in nature). Tile and grout sealing is an ultimate solution to counter-staining, discolouration and high maintenance costs. Sealing is a must, especially for those tiles that are not factory shined. CleaningPro is your one window service for most types of tiles, e.g. porcelain, quarry, ceramic and terracotta tiles.

Grout Colour Sealing Service

Modern technology allows re-colouring and sealing of grout lines to restore them to mint condition, as good as new. Grout re-colouring is an absolute must in the conditions when it is impossible to clean the grout lines with uniformity - this situation is common in old grout. Please call us if you require a grout colouring service.

It is inevitable that over time tiles and flooring lose their shine, especially as we use mops to get rid of stains on the surface, but what about the damage to the back? For that you need CleaningPro.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Pricing:

Cleaning of Tile and Grout $12 per square metre.
Tile Floor Sealing $8 per square metre.
Minimum charge $180 for one visit
Above prices apply for continuous areas. If you have multiple small areas then our minimum price of $180 per area will apply.
Bathroom Floor Tile and Grout cleaning $180 (up to 15 sqm area)
Kitchen Floor Tile and Grout cleaning $180 (up to 15 sqm area)
For areas more than 300 sqm, we will send our tech to have a look and then provide you with a competitive quote with a massive discount.

Please check our carpet cleaning and vinyl floor polishing service also.

*For floors requiring extra efforts +25%
**Grout Colour Sealing price may vary depending on the size of tiles.
***Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the customer.

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