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Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Polishing Auckland / Vinyl Floor Polishing

CleaningPro specialises in vinyl floor cleaning, scrubbing, stripping and polishing. Our vinyl floor cleaners use the latest machines and state-of-art technology to scrub away all the grime and grease away from your floors. You will be amazed to see the final finish after we strip, seal and polish your vinyl floor.

At CleaningPro, we strive to provide you with the best and long-lasting ways to protect your beautiful, glossy flooring. With time your vinyl floor could get stains, scum and watermarks that affect its lustre and smoothness. These issues can give a dirty, rugged and unpleasant look to your floor which you would definitely want to get rid of. Well, you do not have to worry about that, because professionals at CleaningPro can make your floor squeaky clean and as good as new.

Vinyl floors are known for their smooth, polished and resistant characterises. However, the flooring can get eroded with time owing to a number of factors. Hence, it is important to maintain their silky bright outlook. To do that, you need periodic polishing of the floor. CleaningPro will provide you with the best floor cleaning and polishing services in the Auckland area. We send oor tech to inspect your property to provide you obligation free quote.

The list of services that we provide at CleaningPro regarding vinyl flooring is as follows:

Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Scrubbing

If your flooring has been looking a bit dull and matte for a while, it may be in need of extensive scrubbing. If the idea of doing that baffles you, worry not! We use non-toxic, safe and effective chemicals to clean up your floors. CleaningPro makes sure there are no side-effects of chemicals on your floors such as streaking, staining etc. We have immense experience in vinyl floor cleaning and polishing. Our trained and experienced professionals will carefully determine the time, chemicals, machines to be used for the job. We will make sure the chemicals do not permanently erode off the gloss off your flooring

Vinyl Floor Striping

If you want to keep your floor look great and have a glass-like finish, stripping and polishing have a considerable role in it. CleaningPro uses the leading brands of machines to strip off the worn out layer of polish, and reapply it. Our experts know the correct balance and pressure needed to scrape off the floors. This will reinstate the shine like that of new flooring. Stripping and polishing are very vital if you want to prevent penetrative stains and permanent loss of lustre from your floor.

Vinyl Floor Sealing

When it comes to floors, they receive the most foot traffic. In addition, the friction from the furniture, trolleys etc. means that the flooring may inevitably get wore off. To protect the base of the floor, we seal the floor after stripping. It will prevent dirt and grime from settling into the pores of vinyl. One coat of sealer is applied after vinyl floor cleaning and stripping. Vinyl floor sealing will help polish to stick better and will give it a smoother base.

Vinyl Floor Polishing

Polishing is a very important process. It will give your floor a shiny glossy look. We apply 3 coats of polish to the vinyl floor. We use top quality slip resistant emulsion polish. It provides an excellent, hard wearing and high gloss protective film to the floor. You will be amazed to see the final finish.

Vinyl  Floor Cleaning and Polishing Prices:

Cleaning of Vinyl Floor $5 per square meter. (Minimum Booking 40Sqm i.e. $200)
Stairs Vinyl cleaning $5 per Step up to 1.5M wide.

Vinyl Floor Stripping,  Sealing and Polishing $10 per square meter. (Minimum Charge 40Sqm  i.e $400).
Stairs Stripping,  Sealing and Polishing $10 per Step up to 1.5M wide.

The price is based on a continuous area. If you have separate rooms or toilets then an extra $50 per room will apply. Floors must be vacant.

For areas more than 200 Sqm, we will send our tech to have a look and then provide you with a competitive quote with a massive discount. Please note that area must be vacant if not,  its customer’s responsibility to move the furniture.

Please check our carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning service also.

*For floors requiring extra efforts will be quoted after onsite inspection.
**Please note that we will clean and polish the floor, it will not rectify existing damage on the floor.
**Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the customer.

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning $5 Per Sqm, Viny Floor Strip, Seal and Polishing $10 Per Sqm, Extra $50 per Room