Car Detailing Service in Auckland


CleaningPro Standard - (Quick Clean Inside and Out) $175.00

CleaningPro Valet - (Standard + Interior Detailing) $245.00

CleaningPro Polish - (Standard + Exterior Hand Polish ) $295.00

CleaningPro Premium - (Interior and Exterior) $345.00


Large Car Or SUV $30 extra

Engine Clean $60

Headlight Restoration $95

Leather Polish $95

Seats and Mats Shampoo $140

Exterior Machine Polish $195

Pickup/drop off $120 Extra

Please note price for extra services are only valid if you buy any of our car washing packages. The prices above exclude GST.

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Auckland Car Detailing Services / Car Grooming/ Car Wash

Are you looking for the best car detailing in Auckland? You have come to the right place. CleaningPro Auckland is a professional auto detailer that offers high-quality services using eco-friendly products at competitive rates!

CleaningPro provides top-class car grooming services. We understand that the appearance of the car is very important to you. So, we will make sure that you are satisfied with our car wash service. This is why we have a full range of car detailing products to do an amazing job. Our car detailing experts are fully trained and experienced. As a result, your vehicle will get the treatment it deserves rather than a quick wash.

Your Car, Like New Again

We understand how you would have felt when you were taking your brand new car out of the shop for the first time; you still cherish that moment. Hence, CleaningPro is here to take you back in time again. We know how much the appearance of your car matters to you. This is why we offer the best cleaning and detailing services in all of Auckland to make your car look like new again.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

When it comes to the care of your car, we are here for you. We will get inside and out, so there is nothing left unattended! Our priority is customer satisfaction, which means using only high-quality products that are eco-friendly and safe. With us on board, making sure everything's in good condition from end to end, let our team take over!

Professional and Extensively Trained Team

We have brought together highly professional and extensively trained people to make sure that your car gets the proper treatment it deserves, rather than just a wash. Our staff has years of experience in car grooming and detailing services. They will ensure your satisfaction so that you visit us again and become our loyal customer.

A Complete Interior Makeover

Our experienced detailers take the time necessary to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle's interior. We use specialized cleaning solutions and tools that are gentle yet effective at removing stubborn dirt, stains and smells.

After a deep clean, we condition and dress all interior surfaces to bring back their like-new appearance. Vinyl, rubber and plastic trim get refreshed, leather regains its softness and sheen, and carpets are thoroughly deodorized.

Simply put, our interior detailing service completely transforms and refreshes the space you spend so much time in. We make your vehicle interior look, feel and smell new again.

You can choose from our four mobile car grooming  packages below:

CleaningPro Standard – Quick Clean Inside and Out

Small car valet price $175.00

Large Car/SUV Price $205.00

  • Exterior Clean
  • Wheels and alloys cleaned
  • Chamois dry
  • Tyres dressed
  • Inside-out window cleaning
  • Inside-out mirror cleaning
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Boot Vacuum
  • Door jambs wiped
  • Boot openings wiped

CleaningPro Valet – Standard + Interior Detailing

Small car valet price $245.00

Large Car/SUV Price $275.00

  • Everything from standard package +
  • Dash and console cleaned and dressed
  • Vinyl and all plastic trimming dressed
  • Door trimming dressed

CleaningPro Polish – Standard + Exterior Hand Polish

Small car valet price $295.00

Large Car/SUV Price $325.00

  • Everything from Standard package +
  • Boot openings wiped
  • Full exterior hand polish
  • Bumpers and Guards dressed
  • Exterior plastic mouldings dressed

CleaningPro Premium – Interior and Exterior Cleaning

Small car valet price $345.00

Large Car/SUV Price $375.00

  • Everything from Standard package +
  • Dash and console cleaned and dressed
  • Vinyl and all plastic trimming dressed
  • Door trimming dressed
  • Full exterior hand polish
  • Bumpers and Guards dressed
  • Exterior plastic mouldings dressed

**lease note that we do not offer a mobile car cleaning service. All cleaning is done at our service centre on Lincoln Road. The car will need to be dropped off or we can get our team to pick up and drop off for an additional $120+GST.

Every one of our offerings is First, remove any dirt or stains ; then place a protective layer to maintain restoration; and lastly, enjoy being able to drive without worrying about what others think in a pristine fashion.

Above all, we are budget-friendly. You shouldn't be afraid to contact us because we offer high-quality services at such low prices. We promise you such satisfaction with our work that you will recommend our services to your friends.

Extras (Not included in our standard mobile auto detailing/ Car Grooming )

  • Pickup/drop off $120 Extra
  • Engine Clean $60
  • Headlight Restoration / Polish Headlights $95
  • Leather Polish $795
  • Seats and Mats Shampoo $140
  • Exterior Machine Polish $195

We can also provide mould treatment and full interior shampoo with the highest quality vehicle wash. Call us now to book our amazing car cleaning service. It might take 3-6 hours depending on the package selection and extra services.

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Please check our other services also.

*We will need access to your water and power supply.
**For cars requiring extra, CleaningPro team may revise the car grooming quote after on-site assessment.
***Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the customer.

Shady Jay
Shady Jay
Very impressive results, fair price.
Josephine Howse
Josephine Howse
Great work, on time as promised, and a courteous and efficient operator.
Cassie Vee (Cassie)
Cassie Vee (Cassie)
Really great communication. Cool as guy came and got things done. Had to revise price, but process was quick, smooth and still good pricing. Thanks so much
Kim Philip
Kim Philip
Great service cleaning oversize curtains and treating mould. Easy to deal.with and responsive.
Elena Zhang
Elena Zhang
Good staff and professional service
Hi Guys , thank you very much you were amazing, I phoned you at the last minute and you came asap and all finished for the time frame i needed. Grateful my venetians look like new.
These guys are good! I dealt with the Wellington office. I had a leak in an attic that collapsed the ceiling of the bedroom below. iDry were there within 2 hours of my call. The promptly installed drying equipment, and visited daily to check progress with their moisture meters. Their reporting was top-notch, and their costs clearly communicated in advance. An excellent result.
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