Auckland Curtain Cleaning Service


Small Curtains $40 Per Pair

Medium Curtains $60 Per Pair

Large Curtains $80 Per Pair

Extra Large Curtains $120 Per Pair

Curtain Lining $20 Per Pair

Curtain Mould Treatment $15 Per Pair

Curtain Net (Lightweight) $20

Ironing $30 Per Pair

Curtain Lining Replacement $30 Per Sqm

Pickup & Delivery Charge $80

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Auckland Curtain Cleaning Service / Mould Treatment / Curtain Washing


CleaningPro provides professional curtain cleaning services in Auckland. Our expert curtain cleaners are experienced in cleaning most types of curtains. We also provide curtain mould treatment and curtain repair services.

Curtain Cleaning Service:

Curtains are an essential part of your home, but a dirty curtain not only poses a threat to your health but to the presentation of your home as well. Cleaning of curtains/curtain washing at home can be a hassle, but you have come to the right place for a professional clean. CleaningPro offers professional curtain cleaning services for both domestic and commercial clients. We use modern methods to clean your curtains and give them a good-as-new look. We remove germs, dust and bacteria with the help of high potency cleaning solutions and high powered dirt extraction machines.

The curtain cleaning method undertaken depends on the type and fabric of the curtains. Our expert curtain cleaners will decide whether to proceed with dry cleaning or curtain washing method. Our curtain cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning products which clean and sanitise the curtains while removing any odour that may be spoiling the environment of the room. A specialised treatment to kill dust mites can also be provided on request. Furthermore, we have products to tackle a wide variety of stains on curtains and drapes. Since stains are inevitable, we try our best to treat them at the first sign of a stain. However, some can't be treated successfully depending on what type they're and how long ago it was made.

Our curtain cleaning specialists take many factors into consideration for maximum care.

Fabric Care – Fabric needs care and attention and our experts remove dust and chemical fumes to stop fabrics from deteriorating rapidly. Our experts use special techniques for all fabrics such as chenille and all heavy-weight tapestries, brocades, damasks and textured weaves.

Washing - Fabrics always lose some integrity when it is washed. Our experts take precautionary steps, take temperature into consideration and use some best methods of washing like first loosening drawstrings and removing hooks, weights and other metal fittings before washing them.

Caring for Thermal drapes - Thermal drape fabrics are both washable and dry cleanable that’s why it needs specialists to decide what to do. Our trained cleaners take necessary insight and decide suitable action for your curtains.

Curtain Mould Treatment:

Do you have ugly black mould on the back of your curtains? We provide a specialised curtain mould treatment. Our mould removal process not only removes mould stains but it also kills mould spores. After mould treatment, curtains will resist mould from growing back for the next 6-12 months. This service can be used only in conjunction with curtain washing. The mould can grow back before 6 months if the property has high humidity and low ventilation.

What makes mould grow on Curtains?

Are your curtains infected with mould? CleaningPro consists of a team of highly skilled professionals providing curtain cleaning services in AucklandIf your curtains are being destroyed by recurring mould our first question is; what makes mould grow on curtains? If despite regular curtain washing the mould keeps reappearing, it may be time to contact CleaningPro - the best curtain cleaners in Auckland!

Mould regrowth is not due to direct condensation on your windows as it never comes in contact with them. While water does contribute to the growth of mould, recurrence mainly occurs because of warmth and moisture inside the house.

As temperatures rise in your home the moisture in the air evaporates and this moisture is absorbed by fabrics in the house. As the temperature cools down the moisture is no longer in a gaseous state, but it becomes a liquid form. This means when the moisture is absorbed so are the bacteria, resulting in the recurrence of mould, which can only be eliminated by a professional curtain mould treatment.

What exactly is Mould?

Mould is a broad term that basically refers to multiple nuclei. The problem with this is that it can grow beneath surfaces and damage material such as curtains. Due to humid weather in Auckland, mould affects many households. Whilst most resort to their own curtain washing, many prefer to enlist experienced curtain cleaners for a thorough and professional job. Mould isn’t necessarily weather-related, it can be caused by cooking, drying clothes, showering, gas heaters and even by producing moisture whilst breathing.

Why do I need a curtain cleaning service?

If you're trying to get rid of that mouldy curtain, it's best not to try on your own. After all, professional cleaners have the skills and tools needed for an effective clean!

Most of us like our homes to be clean, safe and healthy, and once in a while we may even clean our blinds and curtains, but considering the blinds and curtains are so close to moisture at all times it is almost inevitable to keep them from getting mouldy. Your curtains will at some point suffer from dust,  odours and mould, the question is how do you plan on getting rid of the problem? The good news is CleaningPro offers a cost-effective solution and that doesn’t include getting new curtains.

With our professional curtain mould treatment, CleaningPro can help you breathe new life into your existing curtains even if they are covered in mould. Curtain cleaning in Auckland is becoming popular day by day because of the humid weather in Auckland.

Our mould-killing agents and surfactants guarantee 100% elimination of mould from your curtains, regardless of what your window furnishings are made from. We will ensure that your curtain comes back to life with our expert services.

Curtain Repair:

Our curtain cleaners will take care of general curtain repairs while we have your curtains for cleaning. We replace missing hooks and nylon tag pins free of charge. We will contact you with a quote after inspecting the curtains if they need re-hemming, torn lining or broken pleat repair. If the curtain lining needs replacing, we can provide you with an up-front quote for the new lining including restitching. Satin Line 3 pass Block-out Lining replacement will cost $30 per square metre including labour, with a minimum charge of $90 per curtain. Please note that curtain repairs are only carried out on cleaned curtains.

Curtain Pickup, Delivery and Turnaround:

We also offer pick-up and delivery of curtains at a small call out fee of $80 within 30KM of Auckland CBD. If you are outside of the 30km radius of Auckland, we might be able to serve you at an additional call-out charge. Email us with your address and contact details and we will get back to you with the exact call out fee. We also offer a service to clean and store your curtains if you are planning to renovate your home. Storage charges will apply after 3 months. You can drop off and pick up curtains from our Henderson drop-off point to save call out charges.

Our drop off point is in West Auckland. Address below: 8/251 Lincoln Road Henderson, Auckland 0610 Opening Hours: Monday -Friday 8-30AM-5:30PM Saturday: 8-30AM-2:30PM Sunday: Closed

Our services are off-site and require around 2-3 nights to complete the processing. We also offer a fast track service with a 24-hour turnaround for an extra cost of 15%.

Nationwide Service via Courier:

If you live outside of Auckland, you can send your curtains via local post or courier. Our address is 8/251 Lincoln Road, Henderson 0610. We will process the curtains and send them back via courier.

Please leave the hooks in the curtains. We hang them by the hooks to process them.

Curtain Cleaning Prices:

Curtain cleaning prices depend upon the size of the curtains. To accurately measure your curtains, measure both the height and width (width from the bottom stretched out). Take the highest number. Whichever that measurement falls within, will determine if the curtains are small, medium, large, etc.

The standard rates are:

Small Size Curtains measuring up to 1.5X1.5M $40 for one pair

Medium Curtains measuring up to 2X2M $60 for one pair

Large Size Curtains measuring up to 2.5X2.5M $80 for one pair

Extra Large Size Curtains measuring up to 3M Height X3.5M Width $120 for one pair

Pickup and Delivery charge $80.

*pricing excludes GST

Extra Services:

Curtain Lining Cleaning $20 Per Pair

Ironing of Curtains $30 Per Pair

Curtain Mould / Water Stain Treatment $15 Per Pair

Curtain Net (Lightweight) $20 per curtain measuring up to 3M X 3.5M Width

3 pass Block-out Satin Lining replacement $30 Per Square metre including labour with a minimum charge of $90 per curtain.

*pricing excludes GST

Note: Extra services are only available when you buy curtain washing service. All curtains above 3M height or 3.5M width will be quoted based on measurements. Curtain width is measured from the bottom and ungathered. As the ‘gather’ at the top of the curtain may lead to an incorrect estimate. Prices given by phone or email are rough estimates. If required, we can email you an exact quote after measuring curtains on receipt. Please notify us via email if you require an exact cost before cleaning. If you send us the wrong size/service during the online order or by phone/email, we will revise the invoice and email you an invoice for the price difference after measuring your curtains. A curtain repair quote can be provided if required.

Areas Served:

We cover a 30km radius from Auckland CBD. Below is a list of few areas that are serviced by us. East Auckland | Central Auckland | North Shore | West Auckland | Remuera | Manukau City | Manurewa | Takanini | Ponsonby | Newmarket | Mission Bay | Herne Bay | Albany | Takapuna | Coatesville | Greenhithe  | Titirangi| Kumeu |  Te Atatu | St Heliers 

We may be able to serve you outside of these areas at an additional cost

Please check out our Blind Cleaning Service.

*We may revise the quote after the curtain inspection if extra efforts are required.

**Please note that the thermal lining of curtains becomes fragile due to continuous exposure to sun and heat. We take good care during curtain washing, but sometimes it might get ripped in a few places. Please note that cleaning will not fix any physical damage or discolouration due to exposure to sunlight and heat.

***We take proper care of the curtains during cleaning but some fabrics shrink no matter what we do. In that case, we will extend the curtains at no extra charge, as there is always extra cloth folded at the bottom.

****Parking is the customer’s responsibility. Where parking is not available, the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the customer.

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