Meth Clean up / Decontamination Wellington

Our certified technicians will come out and clean your home from top-to-bottom with special cleaning products designed specifically to remove meth residue. We'll make sure no trace of this highly addictive substance is left behind, including carpets, rugs, ovens, counter-tops, mattresses, and more!

You can't find another company on the market today that can compare to our level of experience when it comes to cleaning up meth labs!

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Meth Clean up / Decontamination Wellington

The effects of meth can be devastating to your health and well-being if you live in an environment that contains it.

Cleaning up after a meth lab is never easy, but it's not impossible. Thankfully, there are professional companies that specialise in decontamination services for this type of situation—like Cleaning Pro!

We will take care of the toxic environment so you can enjoy your life with your family.

Our Meth Decontamination Process

To be a good meth decontaminator, you need specialised training. This is a dangerous and dangerous job, but it has many benefits.

Meth labs are not only dangerous for the meth cooks who use them, but also very harmful to people living downwind. The chemicals they produce can have negative effects on human health and air quality, which may result in illness or even death.

Remediation of a toxic property can be very expensive and time-consuming, especially if you want to fully restore the building's environment back into one fit for living in.

  • We evaluate and evaluate where and how much meth is present.
  • Carpets can contain particles. We’ll remove them as soon as possible!
  • After mopping the floor, we clean the walls with a HEPA macroscopic mop. We then wash all items down thoroughly outside or in an enclosed room that can be flushed out after you're done washing and drying them on racks until they're completely dry before storing them away properly for long-term storage of your home's air quality!
  • Next, the HVAC system is sterilised with special cleaners that break down meth contaminants.
  • We inspect the house after it's been vacant for us to make sure everything is in order before we move back in.

Meth Cleanup at Lower Levels:

You may not have a choice when it comes to meth contamination, but you can always make an informed decision. There are many long-term effects and risks of methamphetamine that we aren't aware of yet because these drugs haven’t been around for very long in this country.

Our triple clean service is an industry-leading decontamination process that cleans properties at levels of over 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2 before we leave them to return to their normal state! With our preventative solutions, there's no need for you or any other member of your family to ever experience an infestation again.

We will make sure your property is free of any traces of toxic chemicals.

Meth Cleanup at High Levels:

Our team will need to perform a site survey in order for us to assess the severity of your contamination. Most of the time, we use special cleaning solutions and materials, but if there is a lot of meth at home or work, we may also have to take out building materials.

It's important that while decontaminating your house, you find somewhere else to stay! Make sure the area is uninhabitable and safe during this process.

Contact CleaningPro for Professional Meth Clean up Service

You don't have to worry anymore! Let us take care of everything for you-we'll come out, assess your situation, and make sure it's completely safe before handing back over.

Your problem is our priority. We're trained to handle any size of situation with care and professionalism, no matter what it may be! And best yet, we're affordable too! Give CleaningPro a call today at 0800405670 or fill out this form now to get started on getting rid of any traces of Meth in your home!

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