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27 June 2022
Top Signs You Should Hire Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Did you know that up to 100,000 dust mites can live on just one square foot of carpet dust? Thus, carpet cleaning is essential if you want to extend its lifespan and safeguard the health of the occupants. Although carpet cleaning is a do-it-yourself project, there are instances when you should hire carpet cleaning professionals. Carpet cleaning […]

18 December 2021

Many of us are well aware of the damage water leakage can do to our homes. Especially when it comes to carpet, things can get a bit complicated and more of a headache. If the water damage on the carpet is not treated quickly, it can grow mold and many other health issues too. Other […]

18 December 2021
How To Repair Floor Joists With Water Damage?

Home- a safe haven for every human being on the planet.  A place where you feel safe, where you can grow, achieve and live.  A place like no other.  People dream of their dream homes and eventually want to build one for themselves.  A house that will become their home.  The dream house is structured […]

16 December 2021
What Damage Can A Flood Cause?

Do you believe your home or company is impervious to flood damage? Reconsider your position. Flood damage is one of the most prevalent and costly dangers in New Zealand. How prevalent is it? Unfortunately, many home and business owners' losses due to flood water damage are not covered by standard insurance policies though there are […]

16 December 2021
How to Dry Out Walls After Water Damage?

It is important to understand how to dry out a wall after it has been damaged. It is a difficult task, but it is necessary. Unattended water damage can result in costly and severe structural damage as well as unhealthy mould and mildew growth. Unfortunately, water damage is all too common. Leaky pipes or damaged […]

15 December 2021
What Are Air Scrubbers?

If you believe you are safe from pollution inside your house, you are incorrect. Indoor surroundings, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are typically 2-5 times as contaminated as outside air, and occasionally up to 100 times as polluted! According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental problems […]

15 December 2021
How To Get Rid Of Carpet Odor From Water Damage?

If your carpets have recently been damaged by water, be cautious - a lingering stench might cause more than just stink. Mold and mildew thrive in wet environments, thus lingering water damage odours might suggest that mould or mildew is still growing. Learn how to properly get rid of odours after water damage in your […]

15 December 2021
What To Do About A Leaking Roof?

Roof leaks are inconvenient to deal with. Your home should provide you with a sense of security and protection from the elements. Outdoor elements such as rain and snow may unfortunately find their way inside your home, whether you want it or not. Incidents happen, and when they do, it's vital to act as soon […]

15 December 2021
How To Measure Moisture Content In Walls?

It's difficult to imagine life without moisture. It's unavoidable even in your own house. Running baths, boiling water, breathing, and even the components that make up your house interact with exterior air to produce humidity, which is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air. Proper building methods, on the other hand, are […]

15 December 2021
How To Get Insurance To Pay For Water Damage?

When you return home from vacation, you discover a little pond has formed in your basement. Something has spilled, overflowed, or burst in the house. What was your initial reaction? Panic. Your second question is, "How can I get insurance to cover water damage?" Take a deep breath and stay calm. The steps that follow […]

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