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Mould Removal Auckland | Mould Remediation

Have you often seen a green fungus on the walls or the ceilings? Mold is a natural fungus that can be found everywhere. It usually starts to grow on damp surfaces, and research suggests it cannot fully be prevented. That said, one of the only ways to control the fungus is to control the moisture of that particular region. As mentioned above, moulds usually blossom in slight wet or damp areas, keeping the property dry can aid with breakouts. Speaking about the areas and materials being damaged with moulds in your house include bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and laundry rooms. These places are usually ideal places for moulds’ growth. While these were the areas when moulds occur, materials include ceiling tiles, wooden panelling, drywall, and mattresses etc. can have moulds too.

Why Do Moulds Occur?

A wide-spread mould on a specific region indicates that there is bigger water damage in your property. Also, mould requires both organic moisture and materials to blossom rapidly. We may not notice but most of the items in our homes and building materials come with necessary organic components which let the mould increase. Let’s see a few common reasons of mould growth:

  • Leaky ceilings – This may happen due to flooding or rain.
  • Consistent Moisture Source – These are the damaged areas that include bad drainage, leaky pipe causing water to collect in one area.
  • Drainage of Water of Flood – This is the drainage that existed before and is still damp or slightly wet even today.
  • Non-stop Humidity – This is usually natural and is caused by humid weather or steam inside.
  • Inappropriate Drainage Systems – This can be experienced especially with the Air conditioners’ outdoor units. The leakage becomes the cause of mould growth.

While these were a few causes of moulds’ growth, there are some seasons and climates such as Spring and Summer, respectively too that encourage the growth of moulds.

Harmful Effects of a Black Mould

Moulds may look fuzzy and thread-like structures having harmful effects for all. While moulds may appear grey, blue, green, black and greenish-black, they have a lot of other varieties too. Among all, black mould is one of the most harmful and toxic ones. They usually grow in the indoor space and come with several harmful health diseases. Wherever these greenish-black coloured moulds are present, there is a strong mildewed smell in that region. Black moulds usually occur due to flood containing black water with impurities in it. This flood means rainwater, seawater and sewage water. In addition to the flooding, black moulds are also grown due to moisture like other moulds. These moulds especially black mould, pose health risks. The reactions occur depending on the individual, they may be delayed or immediate. Do you want to know what the effects of black moulds are in detail? Here you go:

  • Toxic: Black mould is really toxic to human health and has a variety of harmful effects.
  • Allergic Reactions: These moulds have allergic reactions such as chest or nasal congestion, asthma attacks, itchy or dry eyes, sneezing, infections, headaches or migraines, irritation or fatigue.
  • Eruption: Outbreak of allergies and other symptoms among individuals is also noticed especially those with weaker immunity.
  • Severe Effects: Effects on children are more severe and serious.
  • Longer Exposure: Exposure for a longer time period causes serious respiratory issues.
  • Break Down: It worsens hard and even the toughest material such as paint, drywall, and wood etc.
  • Damage: It also causes cosmetic and discolouration damage.

At times, identifying the black mould requires expert advice which is why it is better if you leave it on the professional. Professional mould cleaners and black mould removal veterans ensure to take charge of this harmful black mould so you are safe and secure from further exposure.

What is the Process of Mould Remediation?

Moulds can be really very damaging to your structures and properties if they are not properly treated and cleaned in a timely manner. With time, you will find those wood, drywall, and other building materials weakened. You will face issues with your building if they are left un-entertained. Also, experts suggest that moulds exposure causes allergies. It also poses serious health risks in several cases. Now that you have read multiple issues with moulds and its harmful effects, there is a process to remove it which is called as Mould Remediation. Our professional remediation process begins with an initial evaluation and free estimation. After the initial process, we then fix the damp or moisturising area, removing materials containing moulds. This way, it is restored to its original condition.

1.     Fix the Source of Moisture

Perhaps, the source of water is always the primary source of moulds. When there is a consistency in moisture, mould will increase with time. Whether it’s a simple leakage or a consistent condensation, the source should be recognised and repaired.

2.    Mould Treatment

Mould can be removed successfully when the water issue is fixed. To completely resolve the water issue, leaky materials including wood, carpeting, drywall etc. should be replaced and discarded to prevent further mould growth. If the mould is severe, it may become necessary to disconnect with the area forever.

3.    Purify & Deodorise

After ensuring the mould removal, we professional rinse, purify and deodorise the dirty leaky items, such as fabric, furniture, clothing, and the related materials to eradicate the remains of moulds. With the use of credible air filtration equipment, we ensure to restrict the reoccurrence of mould.

4.    Restore

Removing mould from a surface can be difficult and time consuming, and the final step is to reconstruct it back into its original condition. This may involve installing new tile on the floor or painting walls; in some cases this might require replacing cabinets, countertops and bathroom vanities.

Why Should You Go For Professional Mould Cleaners?

Mould cleaning services by professionals like CleaningPro are always credible. Mould treatment on your own will be limited to bleach which hardly treats the symptoms of moulds. Chances are, it will return sooner. That said, CleaningPro has a team of veteran mould remediation professionals ensuring both, mould and water issue for permanent eradication. CleaningPro provides quality mould treatments even if it’s black mould removal or other types mould remediation in New Zealand. Here are a few reasons to always rely on CleaningPro :

  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Free Quotes
  • Veteran & Professional Cleaners
  • 30-Minutes Turnaround Time
  • Insured and Licensed Team Members
  • High-Quality Equipment and Techniques
  • Transparent Process

Whether it is a black mould or even a symptom of mould, do not wait for it to spread over and harm you and your family. Call the reliable team of CleaningPro now. Our team will identify the root cause of the issue and provide quick professional mould remediation service in short time.

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