Flood Restoration Christchurch

Water extraction & Cleaning $20 Per SQM

Commercial dehumidifier $99 per night

Blower dryer $39 per night

Site Inspection $80 each visit

Equipment Pickup/Delivery $80 Per Visit

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Flood Restoration Christchurch / Carpet Drying / Water Damage Restoration


When your home has been damaged by water, you need a professional to come in and clean up the mess. Our team of experts will assess the situation on site directly with your insurance provider for an easy repair process that gets everything back to normal without delays or further damage. You can count on us for 24/7 service all year round—just when you need it!

Providing the Best Services in Christchurch!

You need to be well equipped for flood relief. At CleaningPro, we have a variety of products, including high-quality equipment that we use to get the job done right and reduce damage while dealing with flood-damaged installations. For example, we have blowers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers, which are perfect tools for restoring professionals who want to provide their customers with top-notch service!

We specialise in getting your buildings back to the way they were before that tragic time with minimal damage. We'll accomplish this as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get right back into service. The flood restoration companies out there are not only inefficient but will also destroy your architecture by using dated techniques.

Steps to Take When You Discover Flood Damage!

The services we provide you with flood restoration in Christchurch are the ultimate ones. We can help protect your property and even health by drying out everything to reclaim it back as if nothing ever happened, but that's not all! The main thing is using the latest techniques for drying a place efficiently; our contractors know exactly what they're doing and have access to dehumidifiers on commercial levels, which surely will make things easier for any customer of ours.

You must take the following steps when you discover a flood emergency in your building:

  • Stop the supply of water or close every source of water to avoid flooding.
  • If you can't even control the leak, hire a plumber.
  • Close the electric transformer in the affected areas until any electrical appliances are unplugged or removed from the wet rug or flooded areas.
  • Place the aluminium foil in contact with wet carpet or water under the legs or feet of any furniture to avoid permanent staining.
  • Take any curtains or draperies away from the water or wet carpets. Raise and tackle any garments placed on upholstered furniture.
  • Remove books, documents, clothes, clothing, potted plants or other things that may stain wet carpet.

Things you should avoid during flooding:

  • Do not use your home vacuum; it will result in an electrical shock as well as damage to equipment. 
  • Putting newspaper in areas where people will walk on it is a bad idea—newspaper ink is easily transferred to wet tapestry fibers, leaving a permanent stain.
  • Walking on tapestries as much as possible prevents damage from spreading to untouched areas.

When it comes to flood water, never underestimate the power of its destructive force. It can destroy your walls, furniture, and everything in sight if left untreated for too long, not to mention make a home uninhabitable with bacterial growth and mould infestation. That's why we provide professional flood restoration services that will have you living comfortably again after experiencing flood damage by restoring your property back to its original state.

Water Extraction

If water damage  is classified, plans and methods are drafted to fix the problem. Truck-mounted extractors or other powerful machines, including water claws, can be used for extracting any standing pools of liquid from your carpets, which will help reduce bacteria or mould growth in addition to getting a fully dry area quickly.

Structure Drying

Humidity in the air is typically measured at 30% relative humidity. When it reaches higher levels, dampness can creep up on surfaces and become a disaster waiting to happen. The Structure Drying service uses commercial-grade dehumidifiers to dry out all water-damaged areas while keeping your health, property value, and peace of mind safe.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

It's not just the property that suffers water damage. All infected products need to be sanitised in order to protect them from further contamination by mould. When necessary, an air scrubber is used to cleanse the atmosphere so as not to harm your health with harmful bacteria.


In the restoration process, more than just drying wet carpets is involved. The last step is to take out any broken gib panels and repaint the whole room, often with an even bolder or brighter color!

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We know the true key to success in water damage restoration is acting fast. That's why our team provides quality services such as flooded carpet drying, wet carpet drying service and overall water damage restoration - you name it! When disaster strikes, we're here with a quick response time so your home or business can get back on track quickly.

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