Chandelier and Lighting cleaning

Chandelier and Lighting Cleaning

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The only method to appropriately clean the chandelier is to remove the entire dressing, clean each piece cautiously by hand, dry and polish each part, and then reassemble on the frame. There are several spray products readily available on the New Zealand market, but experts do not recommend these over the shelf products. In amateur hands, the spray, which is mostly water, can drip inside the light frame, and in addition to messing up with the chandelier's internal structure, if not completely dried, it can rust and dent that would cause more problems.

We use the spraying method for Chandelier and Lighting Cleaning only in specific circumstances and try to avoid this situation.

The cleaning solution we use is a superior European formula that is effective enough to remove dirt, dust, and grime yet soft enough not to attack the paint or metal of the siding frame. The solution has a silicone compound that leaves a coating on the glass and gives it a special shine and sheen, making it look sleek.

During Chandelier and Lighting Cleaning, the pins that hold the crystals in one place are inspected and replaced if necessary. These small pieces of wire hold up to several kilograms of weight and should be inspected to make sure they don't crack and fall or break if dropped from the light.
It is recommended to clean the chandeliers in a normal household situation about once a year.

Most of the cleaning work is done with the light on, but if the light is not attached to the ceiling and is portable, the job can be done in a workshop, where the dressing and the entire frame can be taken apart and cleaned in a special way, with all due care.

Since every Chandelier and Lighting Cleaning job is different and requires different attention, contact us and to get a quote for your specific needs.
*Please note that we are professionals; we only work on the basis of taking end to end care but do not take any kind of responsibility.

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