Upholstery Cleaning Auckland


Sofa Cleaning $35 Per Seat

Single Armchair $50

La-Z-Boy $50 Per seat

Cushions $15 each

Chairs $30 each

Fabric Protector $20 Per Seat

Small Rug $60

Large Rug $90

Single Mattress $90

Double Mattress $120

**Minimum charge of $180+GST per visit will apply.

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Upholstery Cleaning Auckland / Sofa Cleaning / Couch Cleaner

Upholstery cleaning services from CleaningPRO will leave you with clean surfaces and refreshed fabrics as we are experts at removing dirt while ensuring all fabric finishes remain intact. Our sofa cleaning experts are also experienced in rug and mattress cleaning. Call us now to give your upholstery a good-as-new look.

  • Does your expensive sofa look old and worn out?
  • Was a drink spilled on the delicate fabric of your couch?
  • Are there mud stains on any of your furniture?

CleaningPro has you covered with a range of upholstery cleaning services. Different fabrics require different modes of cleaning depending upon their delicacy and sturdiness. Washing the fabric of your sofa the wrong way could ruin the whole appearance of your furniture, so it is better to leave it to the upholstery cleaning specialists. We have special clear plastic head tools for delicate fabric sofa cleaning. The CleaningPro upholstery cleaner is trained to provide all kinds of sofa, couch, rug, and mattress cleaning.

With the way that people these days live, it's not uncommon for a couch to get soiled. But with an upholstery cleaner in Auckland who knows how to take care of fabric and remove stains while cleaning your furniture piece - all you need is patience since they have special skills for this job!

Be it couches in the lounge room or sofas in waiting rooms, they are used heavily so they get plenty of soiling from body oils, hair gels and waxes, and the food or drink.

Why is it important to clean upholstery?

The germs and mites that live inside upholstery can be damaging, especially if you live in a household with children and pets. Unclean upholstery is often the cause of poor air quality in a house and can result in asthma, allergies and sore throats, especially in children. This is why it is important to ensure that your upholstery is regularly cleaned in if you live in Auckland – CleaningPro are just a call away!

Why choose CleaningPro?

CleaningPro uses hot water/steam to deeply clean upholstery. We understand that your furniture is not just there to make your house look good, but it is a part of your life and no one wants such an integral part of their daily life to be covered in dust and mites.

We provide professional upholstery cleaning services and ensure that we do not cover your expensive furniture with harsh chemicals, instead, we use state of the art equipment and safe cleaning methods to give your sofas a thorough clean. We promise to use cleaning methods that will not harm children or pets within the household.

CleaningPro assures quality and care for your upholstery cleaning. No matter what, when it comes to quality, we never ever compromise. Our well-trained upholstery cleaning experts know exactly how to make an old couch not only look new and safe for you.

We understand you treasure your furniture pieces, which is why it is our aim to provide you with the most suitable furniture cleaning services at affordable rates. Below are the reasons that make us stand out as the best upholstery cleaners in town:

  • No hidden charges. Upfront online pricing and easy online booking.
  • Professional up to date equipment used. Our couch cleaning specialists know the right combination of products and equipment to clean many different types of fabrics. Our sofa cleaning machine is the latest and up to date to give your furniture an upholstery cleaning experience like never before.
  • All furniture cleaning products are eco-friendly because we know the importance of keeping the environment clean
  • 30km of coverage around Auckland CBD. We provide upholstery cleaning within a 30km radius of Auckland.
  • Experienced and friendly staff, so you get the best possible service for the money you pay.

What fabrics can we clean?

We specialise in cleaning most fabrics. We are also experts in cleaning furniture that is often easily damaged and difficult to clean, such as velvet. We are experts in cleaning sofas, beds, mattresses, dining chairs, seats and almost all types of upholstery. Cleaning of your upholstery is necessary to extend the life of your furniture. You no longer need to replace old furniture because you can now get it cleaned if you reside in Auckland. Give your old upholstery a brand new look with our expert cleaning methods.

Our specialists pretreat the entire couch with a pre-spray and dissolve the dirt and grease trapped in the fibers of the fabric. We then separate the soiling from the fabric through our powerful steam injection and suck it away. We also go through a final round to remove any leftover moisture and residue.

*we do not clean suede or leather upholstery

We kill Dust Mites

We don’t just wipe stains and marks off your upholstery, we give it a deep cleanse and remove dust mites that may live deep inside your furniture. These dust mites are the leading cause of allergies in children, and they live in your curtains, sofas and other upholstery and you may not even know it. Dust mites live in tiny fibres and are unidentifiable by the bare eye; they are often the cause of asthma and other allergies; these upholsteries need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We use steam to kill the mites, thus not causing allergies or damage to your furniture.

Be it your suite, mattress, sofa, furniture, or your car, they should be regularly cleaned. The longer you let it go without cleaning, the worse your indoor air gets.  CleaningPRO comes with truck mount machines that can use over 75 Celsius to heat up the steam to kill germs and viruses and provide a safe environment to breathe in.

Sofa Cleaning Process:


Our cleaners will work with you to determine the best approach for your lounge suite. They know that different fabrics need special cleaning techniques, so they'll be sure to choose one that works well for your couch.


Under regular circumstances it's difficult to know if a fabric is clean or not just by looking at it. That's why we use machines to do the job for us, which makes sure no hidden dirt remains.


Visible spots and marks are treated with a neutral spotting product and a soft brush. This is because some of the products used to treat them may discolor or damage your painted surface if left on for too long.


Our technician applies a neutral cleaning solution to loosen up stubborn dirt, grease and oil stains

Cleaning and extracting:

The steam cleaning procedure is incorporated for in-depth cleaning of your furniture, to remove the tiniest hidden dust and dirt particles.

Final cleaning inspection:

Our expert again thoroughly examines your now cleaned furniture piece to see if any further cleaning is required.

Stain removal service:

Depending on the type of stain, there is a different process and chemicals used for removing it. But no matter what, we will do our best to remove the stain completely. There are some conditions where this cannot be done because of old stains or certain fabrics.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices:

*Minimum charge of $180+GST for a visit. You can mix and match any furniture to make a total of $180.

  • Sofa Cleaning: $35 per seat
  • Lazy Boy: $50 Per seat
  • Single Armchair $50
  • Cushions (removable back cushions): $15 each
  • Dining Chairs $30 each
  • Single Ottoman $35
  • Double Ottoman $70
  • 2 Seater Chaise $70
  • Fabric Protector: $20 Per Seat
  • Small Rug Cleaning (Up to 2MX2M): $60
  • Large Rug Cleaning (Up to 3MX3M): $90
  • Single Mattress Cleaning: $90
  • Double Mattress Cleaning: $120

We also provide carpet cleaning services.

*25% extra for upholstery cleaning needing extra effort.
**Parking (where not available) will be at the customer’s expense.

Shady Jay
Shady Jay
Very impressive results, fair price.
Josephine Howse
Josephine Howse
Great work, on time as promised, and a courteous and efficient operator.
Cassie Vee (Cassie)
Cassie Vee (Cassie)
Really great communication. Cool as guy came and got things done. Had to revise price, but process was quick, smooth and still good pricing. Thanks so much
Kim Philip
Kim Philip
Great service cleaning oversize curtains and treating mould. Easy to deal.with and responsive.
Elena Zhang
Elena Zhang
Good staff and professional service
Hi Guys , thank you very much you were amazing, I phoned you at the last minute and you came asap and all finished for the time frame i needed. Grateful my venetians look like new.
These guys are good! I dealt with the Wellington office. I had a leak in an attic that collapsed the ceiling of the bedroom below. iDry were there within 2 hours of my call. The promptly installed drying equipment, and visited daily to check progress with their moisture meters. Their reporting was top-notch, and their costs clearly communicated in advance. An excellent result.
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