Auckland Commercial Cleaning Services (Small Office)


Small Office Weekly Cleaning $105

Medium Office Weekly Cleaning $175

Large Office Weekly Cleaning $280

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Auckland Commercial Cleaning Services (Small Office)

Are you looking for professional Office & Commercial Cleaning in the Auckland area? Auckland is a commercial area that needs professional cleaning services. Unprofessional staff having old equipment can be a source of damage to your workplace. We at ‘CleaningPRO’ assure you that we have highly trained and fully equipped staff. We claim to provide the best office cleaning services in Auckland. No matter how big or small is your office; it needs to be cleaned up properly. And we ask you to leave that on us because we know how to clean it up!

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If you have an office, don't let the stress of cleaning it get in your way. If a full time cleaner is not available to help tidy up after work hours, we can do all that and more. We offer services ranging from regular housekeeping visits for small offices or weekly deep cleans when dust just won't go away on its own. For larger organizations with multiple buildings under one roof, our expert team will turn over every surface until everything shines like new!

What we provide:

We have services for everyone i-e.

  • Weekly cleaning of small office
  • Weekly cleaning of medium office
  • Weekly cleaning of large office

We are professionals, and we bring all the equipment that is necessary to get your office in tip-top shape. Our technicians will work quickly as well so you can be on with your day quicker than ever before! Our cleaning process respects everyone’s privacy while keeping an eye out for any messes created along the way.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

From the main office area to Kitchen Cleaning, we cover everything whether it is your floor that needs to be cleaned or the restroom that you provide to your guests.

Office area cleaning includes

  • Cleaning of partitions, ledges and window sills
  • Clean woodwork including frames, office wooden materials meeting tables and conference room furniture.
  • Cleaning of all computers and their accessories
  • Cleaning of contact places likes doors and switches with a special disinfectant
  • Ceiling & lights dusted.
  • Clean meeting tables and conference room furniture
  • Cleaning of all rubbish bins in and around the office space
  • Replacement of disposal bags inside the rubbish bins and trash cans.
  • Cleaning of any kind of glass in the office.

Restroom Cleaning

One place’s cleaning that you can never compromise, is a bathroom. No matter how old you are you always need a neat and clean washroom. Imagine you are standing outside the washroom and thinking about what to do because it is not properly cleaned inside? It can be a worse experience to have at your workplace. But don’t worry, we got your back.

  • Cleaning of toilets with disinfectant.
  • Clean and disinfect all toilet fixtures.
  • Refilling of all restroom dispensers which may include any item ranging from liquid soap to paper towels.
  • Cleaning of all rubbish bins in the restroom and dispensing of trash afterwards.
  • Cleaning of all mirrors and glass fixtures in the restrooms.


Your office defines you. The cleanliness of your office will tell people a lot about you. It is a place where you spend half of your day and it is supposed to be hygienic. We try to give a brand new look to your office every time we clean it. Our office cleaning services include:

  • Dusting of all the equipment placed in office
  • Cleaning of computers
  • Cleaning of ledges and windows
  • Dusting and Cleaning of all tables and chairs
  • Proper cleaning of all switches and wires
  • Cleaning of dustbins
  • Disposal of dustbins
  • Cleaning of Glass windows and glass doors



  • Cleaning of all kitchen fixtures like tabletops and sinks.
  • Cleaning of appliances from the outside.
  • Cleaning of microwave from the inside.
  • Mopping of the kitchen floor with disinfectant.
  • Cleaning cabinets of any dirt or particles


We understand the importance of a clean floor in your office. We try to use our equipment in the best possible way to clean up every bit of your office floor. Our services include:

Commercial Cleaning Pricing:

  • Small office cleaning up to three hours: $105
  • Medium office cleaning up to five hours: $175
  • Large office cleaning up to eight hours: $280

Advantages of hiring us:

  • We are one of the best cleaning services in Auckland
  • We have adjustable time frames
  • We use cleaning products which are disinfectants
  • We have no hidden charges
  • We make transparent deals
  • We have Up to date equipment
  • We never leave without satisfying our clients
  • We value your time

All the prices above are weekly rates. We can also provide a customised cleaning package to suit your needs. What we assure you is, we will deliver high-end services at comparatively lower prices than the market. You just need to stop worrying about your office mess and call us! We are just one call away. You just have to fill the request quote and a representative will get back to you with a quote. Call us on 0800405670 for assistance.

You can also buy our one-off hourly cleaning service.

*For properties requiring extra efforts +25%
**Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the customer.

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