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CleaningPro is committed to providing the best carpet cleaning services in Auckland. Our professional carpet cleaners use professional-grade cleaning machines that can handle even the toughest stains. We provide complete care for your carpets, protecting them from dust, dirt, and allergens. All our cleaning solutions are designed to be safe for children and pets as well.

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Carpet Cleaning Auckland

CleaningPRO's carpet cleaning service has been working in Auckland for years, promising quality and skill as we give our customers value for money. Dirty carpets no longer mean replacing the carpet. Our carpet cleaning services ensure thorough stain and odour removal. CleaningPro uses the best quality products to make your carpets look brand spanking new, at affordable prices. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning methods, getting the job done effectively and efficiently.

CleaningPro is emerging as the best residential carpet cleaning company in Auckland. We serve an extensive range including houses, apartments, townhouses and any other type of residential space. We go the extra mile to ensure that you choose us for every future engagement.

Our Carpet Cleaning Forces are well trained and specialized in region-wide Auckland Carpet Cleaning. We have years of experience in carpet cleaning. The best thing about our service is we never compromise on quality hence you get the best quality carpet cleaning service second to none that too with an affordable low cost. Give us a try, you will never ever be disappointed.

There are many good reasons to choose CleaningPRO for Carpet Cleaning in Auckland:

Our carpet cleaning experts only use the best carpet cleaning equipment with the latest technologies for cleaner and healthier carpets. We use stems that Kills & removes 99.99% of viruses, pathogens, germs, bacteria & Dust Mites. Our powerful vacuum carpet cleaning removes 93% of moisture from carpets.

Our certified professional Auckland carpet cleaners are providing highest standards of quality upholstery cleaning, carpet repairs, flood drying carpets and carpet cleaning in Auckland for years.

  • Our prices are upfront and final – No ‘surprise’ hidden charges and no bait and switch costs.
  • State of the art equipment – We thoroughly clean your carpet using professional equipment such as the Ninja Carpet Extractor and Rotovac 360i.
  • We use eco-friendly products – We use industry-best pet-safe and non-toxic cleaning products. Our mission is to clean while being kind to the environment.
  • Customised combo deals and highly competitive prices – We are ideal for any budget with our customised deals and combo offers.
  • Free assessment and quote – Our team of experts are happy to provide free assessments and custom quotes.
  • Experienced and competitive staff – We know our job very well. As a result, our professional carpet cleaning service is recommended by our clients.
  • 30km of coverage around Auckland CBD – We are available within a 30km radius of Auckland.

Carpet Cleaning using Rotovac 360i

Check out carpet cleaning using our latest machine. You will not get the same results from a carpet cleaner hire from the supermarket.

Our carpet cleaning process includes:

You could clean your own carpets with a wet cloth or vacuum cleaner, but it won’t have the same effect as a professional cleaning service. Our carpet cleaning methods are the best in Auckland. We can clean your carpets regardless of whether they are located in an apartment, a home, or a commercial building. CleaningPro specialises in cleaning carpets made of various fibres. We also make sure that if anyone has any allergies they are removed from the close proximity of the carpet. We understand the importance of prompt drying time, which is why we heat-dry the carpets once the cleaning process has been completed.


The pre-inspection process involves a walk-through visual inspection, identification of potential stains and an evaluation of the carpet cleaning requirements.


A commercial vacuum cleaner can extract 80% of the dirt and soil particles. Therefore our team vacuums the entire area even if there is no visible dirt.


Because there are stains that vacuum cleaners cannot take out (oil and stubborn greases), we apply alkaline pre-spray to suspend and loosen such stains. A teflon rake is used to agitate the spray into your carpet (depending on the type of individual carpet).

Cleaning and Extracting

We use a hot water extraction / steam cleaning procedure that cleans your carpet to its backing (to remove chemicals, pollen and bacteria). A PH balancing carpet cleaning solution is applied using an industrial carpet cleaner machine for optimal residue and dirt removal from your carpet.

Post-Clean Final Inspection

Finally, a post-cleaning inspection is undertaken by an expert to ensure that desired results are achieved. The typical drying time of a carpet may be between 3-6 hours depending on the type of carpet.

Other Quality Features by CleaningPRO:

Deep quality Clean: We clean your rug carpets with the most impressive steam cleaning techniques. Our trained cleaners reach the base of the floor covering heaps and eliminate all the soil and stains unlike other companies which use shampooing, laundering or powerless steam cleaning frameworks which just clean the surface of your carpet.

Carpet Protection: The protection applied by carpet manufacturers wears off over time with foot traffic and vacuuming. Our experts can reapply the protection to get more dirt out of your carpet with a vacuum cleaner which slows down the formation of traffic patterns. What's more, it gives you additional opportunity to tidy up spills before they transform into stains. The protected carpet doesn't only stay longer but brighter and fresher.

Carpet Deodorization: If your carpet smells, your whole house does. Our specialist carpet cleaners use an enzyme-powered deodorizer to attack odour-causing organic sources. The enzymes digest organic matter and help in eliminating odours from urine, faeces, vomit, and sour milk.

Carpet Spot Removal / Stain Treatment:

Carpet spot removal or stain treatment can be difficult at times, so you need an expert to tackle stubborn stains on your carpets. Such expert treatment requires special chemicals, detergents and stain treatment methods that you can never apply on a DIY basis. We are experts at spot removal and stain treatment. CleaningPro doesn’t just clean your carpets and get rid of foul smells, we make sure every stain on your carpet is treated with the appropriate product.

Stains are difficult to prevent from appearing on your carpet; whether it’s spilled wine, or messy kids. The good news is that carpet stains no longer mean replacing your carpet. We carry an average of 15 different chemicals to treat a large variety of stains.

Some of the carpet stain remover chemicals we use are listed below:

  • Prospotter: Perfect for oil, fat, grease and most other types of stains.
  • Rust remover: Ideal for removal of rust and old blood stains.
  • Coffee and tannin spotter: Used for acid, tea, coffee, water, and red wine stains.
  • Citrus Spotter: Suited for organic and protein stains.
  • Ink remover: Removes a wide range of inks, markers, and oils.
  • Urine stain remover: Most suitable for pet urine odour and stain treatment.
  • Browning TX spotter: Effective against flooding and water browning.

Note: Although we do our best to treat stains, some stains cannot be treated successfully. It depends on the type of carpet, the age of the stain, and type of stain. Pet/urine odour and stain treatment is a specialised service and therefore is not covered under standard carpet cleaning. We may need to lift the carpet to see the damage and might need to replace the underlay in the affected area. Pet hair removal is also not covered in standard carpet cleaning. Contact us to get a separate quote for pet/urine odour and hair removal treatment.

We Make Your Carpets Last Longer

Professional carpet cleaning not only makes your carpet look better but also helps it last longer, even though there has been a shift towards the use of tiles over carpets in most parts of the world there are still some rooms such as Lounges or conference room that still look better with a carpet, carpets are particularly popular in hotel rooms, reception areas and restaurants, in such places that are regularly dealing with customer service clean carpets are essential. Whilst there is a growing preference towards tiles there are still many people that prefer carpets because they are available in a number of colours and make spaces look conventional and enhance the appearance of the environment of the room.

Whilst carpets look good, they can often be the cause of allergens due to dust mites that live within the fibers of the carpet and other air pollutants. 

If you want to make the air you breathe healthy and breathable it is important that you clean your carpets on a regular basis especially if you have pets, kids or elderly living in your house or visiting your office space.

Whilst you could clean your carpet yourself if you want your carpet thoroughly cleaned and healthy for those living around you it important that you reach out to a professional carpet cleaning service like CleaningPro to help your carpet become as good as new. Protect your carpet and invest in a professional carpet cleaning service today!


1-2 Bedrooms with 1 Living Area: Standard $140, Heavy Duty $210
3-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: Standard $180, Heavy Duty $270
4-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: Standard $220, Heavy Duty $330
5-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: Standard $260, Heavy Duty $390
6-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: Standard $300, Heavy Duty $450
7-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area: Standard $340, Heavy Duty $510

Furthermore, you can add any of the below extras:

  • Stain Treatment (Up to 5 average size stains): $100
  • Stairs up to 15 steps: $45
  • Extra Living Area: $50
  • Hallway Standard (up to 15 Sqm): $40
  • Hallway Large (Between 15-30 Sqm): $80
  • Couch Cleaning (up to 5 seats): $150
  • Rug Cleaning Small (Up to 2mX2m): $60
  • Rug Cleaning Large (Up to 3mX3m): $90
  • Single Mattress Cleaning: $90
  • Double Mattress Cleaning: $150

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Standard $3.50 Per Sqm, Heavy Duty $5 Per sqm (Minimum charge of $250+GST)

Note: All prices are excluding GST. Extra services at this price are only available when you buy Carpet Cleaning service. 

We also provide Upholstery Cleaning and  Flood Restoration Service to dry your wet carpet from flooding.

*CleaningPro team may revise the quote after on-site inspection if the carpet requires extra effort.
**Please let us know via email if you specifically need carpet cleaning by Rotovac, otherwise we may send another machine depending on availability.
***We prefer if space is vacant for carpet cleaning. We will move light furniture, however, beds, sofas and heavy furniture are the customers responsibility.
****Parking (where not available) will be at the customer’s expense.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the lifespan of a carpet?

The lifespan of a carpet depends on several factors and one important factor is how well the carpet is maintained, a well-kept carpet in a house should be cleaned by a professional cleaning service as least Twice a year whilst in a commercial place, the cleaning must take place minimum Thrice a year.

Are there health benefits to steam cleaning carpets vs traditional cleaning?

The main advantage of steam cleaning is that with steam cleaning the use of harsh chemicals is minimised which means that the carpet does not cause harm to children, pets and the elderly there is no harmful residue left in the fibres of the carpet that may be harmful, whereas traditional cleaning comprises of the use of detergents which can often be the cause of allergens.

How much does it cost to get a carpet cleaned?

Our highly skilled member of staff will visit your residence or office and inspect the carpet that needs to be cleaned, a reasonable price will be quoted upon inspection depending on the measurements of the carpets and the depth of the cleaning required. Prices vary depending on the cleaning method you opt for. 

How often should you clean your carpet?

A residential carpet must be cleaned at least twice a year whilst a commercial carpet is required to be cleaned at least three times a year or more because there is more traffic in a commercial area the carpets need more cleaning.

Should I vacuum after carpet cleaning?

It is not necessary to clean your carpet after professional cleaning but doing so can be beneficial, sometimes your carpet can wick up dirt even after it has been professionally cleaned, vacuuming it means that there will be added protection that will ensure that the lifespan of your carpet is increased.

Is steam cleaning bad for carpets?

Steam cleaning is one of the best deep cleaning methods for your carpet, it reaches deep within the fibres of the carpet, it combines hot water with chemicals and thoroughly removes stains, debris, dust and allergens from within the carpet. While it has many advantages, one disadvantage may be that there may be chemicals in the air after the cleaning process has been completed.

Can you walk on the carpet after cleaning?

It is recommended that heavy traffic is removed from the carpet for at least six hours after the cleaning and it is recommended that children and pets are kept away for long as they are in closer proximity with the fibres of the carpet, it is also recommended that you take your shoes off when walking on the carpet after it has been cleaned.

Is carpet cleaning bad for your carpet?

If you don’t hire a professional carpet cleaner, it can lead to costly consequences such as mould and mildew which will destroy your carpet. Not only that, but the wrong cleaners will mishandle your carpets causing them harm and therefore reducing their lifespan. It’s critical that you hire a team of highly qualified carpet cleaners.

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