What is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Hot water Extraction method
Everyone agrees on the fact that carpet stores in stains quickly as compared to any other household item. But as technology has advanced in recent years, it is now simple and effortless to clean the carpet over the old techniques. And thanks to all the new and improved cleaning ways, which have made carpet cleaning easy and durable. However, the most common question that comes in mind is which cleanup method should be used? In all honesty, the hot water extraction is the most effective method for carpet cleaning, but there are many other ways to go about it.

Hot Water Extraction Process for Cleaning the Carpet

Hot water extraction is a method through which hot water along with the cleaning solution is injected on the surface of the carpet to perturb and remove any dirt, debris, or stain by using a powerful wet vacuum. This method is adored by many carpet cleaning companies because it is easy and provides perfect cleaning results against other methods, which are available. So whether you are looking for carpet cleaning services for home or office, you should always go for the hot water extraction.

How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning is Effective?

The machine or vacuum used for hot water extraction cleaning mostly includes two chambers. One chamber is called the solution tank, which is meant for holding the cleaning solution and hot clean water. The chamber is called the recovery tank, which is responsible for storing all the polluted water.

The mixture of hot water and solution is sprayed on the carpet with high pressure, which weakens the solid stains and debris. Once it is done, the next step includes the extraction of the solution through a vacuum, which is then stored in the recovery tank. Hot water extraction is a speedy process that takes a few minutes to be completed.

Why Choose Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning becomes easy with the hot water extraction method. The reason why people prefer this method is because of:
Minimum quantity of water is required for the process
The entire method is quick and produces great results
The drying time is quick (2 to 4 hours) over other methods
No over-wetting risks
Ensures high quality of cleanliness for better health
Cleaning your carpet is no piece of cake, but it is convenient when the washing is done through the hot water extraction method. This process is quick and saves you from several health problems, like respiratory diseases and allergies.

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