House Washing Auckland


1 Bedroom Unit $195

Small House $299

Medium House $449

Large House $599

Extra Large House $749


Gutter Cleaning (Single Level House) (+$95.00)

Garage/Shed (Single Size) (+$60.00)

Decks / Driveway up to 30 Sqm (+$75.00)

Fence up to 30SQM (+$75.00)

Double Storey House (+$100.00)

Triple Storey House (+$200.00)

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House Washing Auckland / Exterior House Cleaning / Water Blasting Auckland

Everyone dreams of a beautiful home. The most important aspect of a dream house is a clean home, and due to daily wear and tear, the exterior and interior of a home can be damaged. Variable weather conditions such as rain, storms, and even the soaring sun can damage the outside of your property. This is why it is important to maintain your property regularly.

Keeping your house clean can often be time-consuming and difficult. This is why House Washing Auckland is available to clean your house in a professional manner. Looking for a water blasting cleaning service in Auckland? You have come to the right place! We are CleaningPro. We cleaned everything!

Do you want to sell your house? Or just want to make sure that your home looks sparkling clean at all times? CleaningPro offers a wide range of cleaning services in Auckland. We have it all, whether you need an exterior cleaning or a full-service house wash. We only offer our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge water blasting service in Auckland.

CleaningPro provides professional house washing and water blasting services in Auckland. Our power washing service covers commercial buildings, houses, driveways, decks, gutters, and roofs. If you need more information about our exterior house cleaning or commercial pressure washing services, please call us now on 0800 405 670.


Commercial Building washing in North Shore

We also specialise in commercial building washing. Contact us for a personalised quote.


The exterior appearance of a house tells a lot about the people living inside it. To give a good impression of who you are, you need to have a neat and tidy looking house. House washing is highly recommended every 12–24 months. After 12–24 months, mould begins to grow, which destroys the paint. Do you feel the need to get the exterior of your house cleaned? Call CleaningPro for water blasting services in Auckland.

Benefits of Water Blasting

Water blasting has many benefits. A few of which are mentioned below:

  • High efficiency of the overall procedure.
  • Quieter than other cleaning processes.
  • Multipurpose - exterior cleaning of walls, floors and other surfaces, too.
  • Suitable for cleaning of bigger spaces.
  • Water blasting can reach narrower and higher places.

Our water blasting service is the best option for cleaning the exteriors of residential and commercial buildings. Water blasting involves the use of high-pressure water that gets ejected from a nozzle. This high-pressure water is capable of removing paint, rust, and general dirt. This high-pressure removal also removes the remains of oil and chemical contamination. We will deep clean your house's exterior for a new aesthetic that doesn't need paint! We'll also gently wash your house with low water pressure.

Our standard house washing services include the cleaning of the following:

  • The exterior of the home, outside of gutters, fascia, soffit, siding, windows, shutters, downspouts, and doors

We also pressure wash:

  • Houses, apartments and commercial buildings
  • Driveways, sidewalks, patios and other exterior surfaces
  • Garages, work sheds and outbuildings
  • Wood, vinyl, fencing and more
  • Paver decks and walkways
  • Pool decks and concrete areas

Why should I get my house washed?

While you could clean your home yourself, it takes experience and patience to reach all the corners and high areas of the house. This is why CleaningPro offers a professional exterior house washing service in Auckland. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that we get rid of even the toughest of marks and stains on your house.

Our high-pressure water blasters also attack the salt deposits that can wear and tear your paint. Fed up with spending heaps of money getting the house painted every couple of years? Opt for a more affordable option: house washing!

Will house washing help with the sale of my property?

Would you buy a house with tired-looking paintwork on its exterior? Probably not! And besides, the first impression is the last impression, and nobody wants to buy a house with dreadful paint or worn-out weatherboards covered in spider webs.

Can a professional wash extend the life of my property?

Just like everything else in life, your house requires maintenance. Due to exposure to different weather conditions, your house can get dirty, dusty, or even develop mould. Giving your house a professional house wash on a regular basis is not just recommended; it is essential in order to ensure that your house looks good and is protected for years to come.

Whether your house is a family home or you are planning to sell it in the future, it is important to keep it clean and up to date, nobody wants to purchase a dirty home so keep the value of your house high and contact CleaningPro today to keep your house shining and looking as good as new.

House Washing Pricing:

1 Bedroom Unit $195
Small House $299
Medium House $449
Large House $599
Extra Large House $749
Double Storey House $100 Extra
Triple Storey House $200 Extra


Gutter Cleaning Single Level House: $95; Double Level House: $190; Triple Level House: $285 (For double and triple storey houses, the price will be finalised on-site)
Garage/Shed Single Size: $60; Double Size: $120; Triple Size: $180
Decks/Driveway/Fence up to 30 Sqm $75.00 ($2.50 per sqm)

Our minimum charge per house washing visit is $195. We reserve the right to amend the quote onsite if extra efforts are required. We also provide a roof washing service at an extra price. Please contact us to book the top-rated house wash company.

Please check out our interior and exterior house painting service also.

*If the house has multiple levels and requires extra work, our team may need to revise the quote on-site.

**Partially damaged or depreciated roofs and roof tiles may cause a leak in the roof after water blasting. It is the client's responsibility to fix the leak and/or damaged roof, as this is a maintenance issue and CleaningPro will not be held liable if damage occurs due to this

***Parking is the customer’s responsibility. Where parking is not available, the customer will pay the costs incurred by parking.

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