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Flood Restoration Auckland / Wet Carpet Drying Service / Water Damage Restoration

CleaningPro provides Flood Restoration Service in Auckland. We use advanced structural drying techniques to quickly and efficiently dry the wet carpet. Our technicians visit water damage restoration site every 24 hours to check the progress of carpet drying.

From leaky old pipes to dripping roofs, due to torrential rains, faulty water lines to corroded tubing, water troubles can come in the form of any one or combination of these. What ensues next is no less than a disaster! First, the place starts getting fully soaked in the boundaries and damp in the middle. Then it starts to smell dank and musty. The walls get discoloured and the carpet becomes a disgusting wet squishy mess. Last but not least, enters the mould. The greenish-brown and totally unwanted growth set up roots in the dampness and is a total nightmare. Mould growth can occur in as little as 36 hours. It will make flood restoration services more substantial and costly. Suffice to say within hours of house flooding, the place becomes downright inhabitable!

Well, whenever there is a problem, there is always a solution. The solution to all water woes is flood restoration. When googled water damage restoration Auckland, produces a list of businesses and companies that help in water removal, carpet restoration and drying. Now, most companies when hired to clean out the mess, simply start with an aggressive approach from day one. They tear down the walls and frameworks that are waterlogged. They also rip off the destroyed carpets and sometimes even the hardwood floors.

However, such companies miss out on a very important aspect of flood restoration: carpet drying. It is essential to dry out the place first but many cleaning companies do not do so simply because it takes too long.

Wet Carpet Restoration:

Flood water removal from flooded carpet is a significant part of the restoration. We use modern machines for water removal from the wet carpet without further damaging it. Then our experienced water damage cleanup and restoration technicians clean the carpet to remove mud and the musky odour.  We take care to preserve the colour and fabric of the carpet. We use the latest structural drying methods and equipment to quickly and efficiently reduce your costs. With a combination of air movers/carpet dryers and dehumidifiers, it may be possible to return any room to its pre-flood condition. We test every square meter of carpet with a digital moisture meter to make sure it is completely dry.

Flood Restoration Prices:

Water extraction, cleaning and sanitizing             $20 per square meter (Minimum charge $300 (15 sqm)  per property
Commercial Dehumidifier Hire                               $125 per night
Air Blower/Carpet Dryer Hire                                  $69 per night
Site Inspection                                                              $59 each visit per property
Equipment delivery/pick up                                      $80 per visit

Depending on the type of floor and extent of damage, we may need to use dehumidifiers and air dryers for more than 48 Hours. Drying carpet might typically take 2-3 days. To dry structure and walls it might take 5-7 days or more. Our flood restoration technician will visit the site every day to assess the recovery. Equipment delivery and return charges may apply if the affected area is larger than 15Sqm.

Please note that for water extraction after hours, we charge $30 per sqm. For contaminated water (category 3 flooding), we may charge $30-$50 per sqm depending on the extent of the damage.

Please check our carpet cleaning service also.

*For properties requiring extra efforts +25%
**Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available, the customer will pay the costs incurred by parking.

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Water extraction & cleaning $20 Per SQM, Commercial dehumidifier $125 per night, Blower dryer $69 per night, Site Inspection $59 each visit, Equipment Pickup & Delivery $160