Meth Clean up / Decontamination Auckland

If you're in need of a company that will come into your home and clean it from top-to-bottom, then look no further than our certified technicians. We use special products designed specifically for removing meth residue as well as other highly addictive substances like sweat or blood! You won't be able to find another service provider today who has experience cleaning up labs associated with this type of drug activity.

We've got everything covered here including carpets rugs ovens countertops mattresses etcetera

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Meth Clean up / Decontamination Auckland

Those who live in environments that contain meth are at risk for serious health problems.

The first thing you should know about cleaning up after a meth lab is that it's never easy. But the good news? There are professionals who specialise in decontamination services for these types of situations—like Cleaning Pro!

You can enjoy your life with your family while we take care of the toxic environment!

Our Meth Decontamination Process

As a profession, meth decontamination is a dangerous and hazardous one, but it has many benefits as well.

In addition to the dangers faced by meth cooks who use them, the fumes produced by the labs are also hazardous to people living nearby. Human health and air quality may be affected by the chemicals they produce, which can cause illness or even death.

The process of remediation can be very costly and time-consuming, but it is worth every penny in order to restore your property's environment back to one fit for living.

  • Meth is evaluated for its presence and for its quantity.
  • We will remove particles from carpets as soon as possible. 
  • We make sure to clean every inch of your home, from floors and walls all the way down into cracks in carpets or behind furniture. We use our high-purity microfiber towels for this job because they are both durable yet gentle enough not to damage delicate surfaces like glassware that might be placed on top during cleaning sessions!
  • After that, the HVAC system is sterilized with special cleaners designed to destroy meth contamination.
  • When we go back into the house after it's been vacant, we inspect it to make sure everything is in order.

Meth Cleanup at Lower Levels:

The effects and risks of meth contamination are unknown to us because these drugs haven’t been around for very long in this country, but there is always the choice to make an informed decision.

We apply the most advanced techniques to decontaminate your property at levels of over 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2 so you can enjoy a clean home again! Our preventative solutions will never let an infestation happen, no matter how hard things get in this world today—because we're always here for YOU.

Any traces of toxic chemicals will be removed from your property.

Meth Cleanup at High Levels:

We'll need to do a site survey in order for us to assess the severity of your contamination. Most often, we would use specialised cleaning solutions and materials, but stripping out building materials may be necessary if you have severe levels of meth at home or work too!

It's essential that you find somewhere else to stay while your house is being decontaminated. Make sure the area is uninhabitable and safe during this process!

Contact CleaningPro for Professional Meth Clean up Service

Allow us to worry about your property. When you're ready, just give our team a call and we'll come to assess how the best fit for service is going in order to make sure it's completely safe before handing back over!

No matter the size or nature of your home problem, CleaningPro will have it handled with care and professionalism. We're affordable for any budget! Give us a call today at 0800405670 to get started on removing traces of meth from your place - just fill out this form first if needed so we know what needed, attention most urgently.

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