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8 Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy People

We all know that house cleaning a few times a week is a must for any household. But when we are squeezed for time and energy, it’s hard to make cleaning the top priority in our schedule, especially if we have a lot going on at work or home. Here are some quick cleaning tips for busy people that will still allow you to have your space cleaned up without having to put forth too much effort or time.

1) What Are Your Cleaning Triggers?
Think about what you do every day - when you're most likely to clean. The answer may be before bed, or in the morning, or right after eating a meal. This can help you identify what triggers your desire for cleaning. These are going to be the best times to do a quick clean so that it becomes second nature!

2) Find an All-Purpose Cleaner That You Love
If you're going to do a quick clean every day, you should have an all-purpose cleaner that you love. This is the one you'll use to quickly clean your kitchen and bathroom, wipe down the counters and tables, wash down the floors, and more!

Spray cleaners are great because they're portable - just grab it and spray. They can also be used for multiple surfaces. Most importantly, however, they're easy to use!

3) Use a Door Mat
A door mat is a key piece of equipment for quick cleaning. They can be used to wipe shoes, boots, etc. before walking into the house - and also to wipe feet after coming back in from outside. They can also be used to wipe hands or any other surfaces that people walk by on their way in and out of the house, like doorknobs, walls, or even your kitchen faucet handles!

4) Right Vacuum for the Job
There are a variety of vacuums available, and each one is good for different things. The key is to find one that does the job you need it for without making you hate it. Here's a quick breakdown:

a) Full-Sized Vacuum
You're going to want a vacuum that has good suction power and is easy to push across the floors of your home. You can use it on carpets and hardwood floors, and even on stairs.

b) Cordless Stick Vacuum
This is great for a quick cleanup! It's is powerful and usually pretty lightweight. Plus, you can carry it easily around the house. It's great for stairs as well.

c) Robot Vacuum
Robot vacuums have advanced over the last few years. These super efficient cleaners can vacuum for a longer time and cover more ground, and they're also pretty smart and easy to use.

4) Microfiber Cloths For Quick Cleaning
You can use microfiber cloths to dust or clean anything in your home. You can use them for surfaces, floors, mirrors, glass, appliances - you name it! These are great for surfaces because they’re so soft that they won't scratch delicate items like wood furniture or electronics.

5) Furniture Polish for Stainless Steel
You can use furniture polish to clean stainless steel appliances, like your refrigerator. A quick wipe-down with a microfiber cloth or paper towel will do the trick!

6) Clean Shower After Use
When you're in a hurry, your best bet is to keep the shower as clean as possible before you use it. After using it each time, wipe down the shower walls and the floor with a microfiber cloth or a paper towel. If you have a squeegee, use it for a dry cleaning touch. You should also clean up any hair that has gotten on the floor and walls.

7) Line Pans with Foil
When cooking something like fish or eggs, it can be hard to get every piece of food out of your pan - especially if you don't have much time to clean. Line your pans with aluminium foil and when you're finished, throw the foil away! This will make cleanup easier.

8) Quickly Clean Your Hard Floors
Hard floor areas are typically the same throughout a home and can be cleaned easily with a spray and mop. Simply take the sprayer attachment off of your mop head attached onto your mop bucket, and apply it to your hard floor surfaces. Spray these areas thoroughly until they are wet. Next, you will want to take a microfiber cloth and wipe your hard floor until dry. You may also use SOS pads or scrub sponges, but microfibers may be easier to maintain.

This is best done in the morning before people are walking around all day on them.

Harry Virk

Harry Virk is the director of CleaningPro Auckland. He has years of experience in the cleaning industry and his company is expert at providing exceptional cleaning services in Auckland. He has a passion for helping people and making sure that their homes are clean, tidy, and ready for visitors.

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