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How Much Does Floor Sanding and Polishing Cost?

In contemporary times, the flooring trends are regularly changing. But you cannot deny the well-maintained and appealing wooden floors. So, it would be best if you did some sanding and polishing to give a new look to your worn-out timber floor. But the question arises: how much does floor sanding and polishing cost? It will provide a new life for your floor.

What does your floor need?

You have to figure out does the floor needs polishing or sanding, staining and refinishing will suffice its needs. It is worth it to distinguish the differences because of the variation in results and prices. Both approaches bring the same results, yet in reality, the different processes mark its difference.

The uneven appearance and the minor scratches of the timber floor demand polishing. Your floor revives up. The new and fresh look of your floor doesn’t cater to the scratches of the long run. What more can you expect?

Your floor got another option of polishing if it needs a bit look after and lifts, yet being in good condition. But when do you need sanding and polishing of your floor then? If the floor becomes worn out and dull, immediately opt for refinishing and sanding.

So, now you or any professional has the opportunity of sanding and removing the current finishing of the floor. It is an excellent time to varnish or give an entirely new stain to your floor. At last, the most important aspect comes in. how much is the cost of floor sanding and polishing?

How much does floor sanding and polishing cost?

The cost to be incurred is highly dependent on the condition of your timber flooring. Then the real quest begins whether to hire a professional or not. If not, and you wish to do the project yourself, buy the timber polish. Furthermore, do the sanding and polishing of your floorboards.

Is hiring a professional worth it?

Indeed, you can begin your DIY project and polish your floor. However, it will not work out as great as you thought it to be as a professional. Undoubtedly, hiring a pro will be a wise choice. You can expect something beyond your expectations and your DIY project.

Undoubtedly, the floor sanders earn an excellent reputation for their work. It turns out to be extremely difficult to get a smooth and even result. Moreover, you must not forget that the reaction of stains and polishes differs in various kinds of timber used in flooring. Therefore, a professional timber polisher knows exactly which type of chemicals and polishes to use on the floors.

TIP: It is better to contact a professional for gouges, deep and visible scratches, and dents on your timber floor.

The cost incurred for sanding and polishing your floors

A professional floor polisher will charge $12 to $16 Per Sqm. However, the price may exceed in terms of putty cost or additional nails if the floor needs more repairs.

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