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Many of us are well aware of the damage water leakage can do to our homes. Especially when it comes to carpet, things can get a bit complicated and more of a headache. If the water damage on the carpet is not treated quickly, it can grow mold and many other health issues too. Other than that, a wet carpet can stink badly. This issue can be more problematic with infants at home, especially the crawling ones.

A few things that you will have to act fast on will be:

  • Fix the Leak - Before drying up your carpet you need to fix the leak points. There can be multiple causes of water leakage. A broken pipe, a leaking roof, or any other issue.
  • Clear the Room - You need to clear up the room fast as it is difficult to work on fixing with furniture on it.
  • Limited Movement On The Wet Carpet - It is better to avoid walking on the wet carpet, due to its fragile state. Make sure you remove everything you need.

Now coming on to the main part of how to fix the damage water did to your carpet.

  • Extract The Water

If your carpet is completely soaked in water then most probably you will need to get all the water sucked with a heavy pump or shop vac. These two machines can work wonders in making your task easier. Shop vac has comparatively much suction power. Both of this equipment can be rented from your local hardware shop.

  • Follow-Up With an Absorbent Towel

Once you are done with the shop vac, you now need to place an absorbent towel and press it hard to absorb more of the water from the carpet. If there is still more water seeping into the carpet then you need to consult a professional to fix the water damage rather than trying on your own to fix it.

  • Air Dry The Carpet

You can turn on the fans to dry up your carpet and even use dehumidifiers to help circulate air and assist with evaporation. It is better to keep checking it from time to time and change the fan position accordingly. If the damage is minimal then a hairdryer can even work well to dry up the carpet. Hold the hairdryer at a distance and move in a back and forth motion allowing the area you just blow-dried to cool down, before checking it to see if it's dry. 

Checking it while warm may mislead you into thinking the area is dry when it is not.

  • Replace The Carpet Padding

In the case of a flood, it may be nearly impossible to fix the carpet and padding damaged too. Drying only carpet may not be enough. If the padding underneath is not perfectly dried out, it can result in mold that can further spread to the carpet too. So in such a scenario, it is highly recommended to remove or replace the padding.

  • Professional Damage Fixer

Lastly, if the damage is really bad and feels almost impossible to get it fixed with all above mentioned solutions, better to hire a professional who can fix the damage. Such shops are well equipped to fix any major or minor damage done to the carpet, by water.

Harry Virk

Harry Virk is the director of CleaningPro Auckland. He has years of experience in the cleaning industry and his company is expert at providing exceptional cleaning services in Auckland. He has a passion for helping people and making sure that their homes are clean, tidy, and ready for visitors.

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