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What To Do About A Leaking Roof?

Roof leaks are inconvenient to deal with. Your home should provide you with a sense of security and protection from the elements. Outdoor elements such as rain and snow may unfortunately find their way inside your home, whether you want it or not. Incidents happen, and when they do, it's vital to act as soon as possible - especially if your house is at risk of water damage.

If you discover that your roof is leaking, there are certain critical steps you can take to control the issue and limit any possible water damage. The six steps to take are as follows:

  • Move Things Out of the Way

It's terrible enough if your roof is leaking. The last thing you want to do is damage your stuff. If there is a leak over your bed, clothing, or furniture, it is time to clean the area!

Water damage has the potential to completely ruin some of your most expensive items, which no one wants. Not to mention the fact that some materials absorb moisture and emit an unpleasant mildew odour. So, if there's anything you can do to get out of the way, do it now!

  • Contain the Water

If your roof is leaking, try to confine it as much as possible. Grab buckets, garbage cans, towels, and whatever else you can think of to catch the water and reduce its impact.

There's also the risk of water damage to your floors. To reduce the risk of an overflow, keep a number of containers on hand that can catch water and replace them on a regular basis.

  • Relieve Water Pressure

Make a hole in the area where water is leaking from your ceiling. Use a screwdriver to delicately pierce the bulge's lowest point, then place a bucket below it to capture it. Many punctures may be necessary depending on the size of the leak.

  • Tarp the Roof

Use a tarp that is at least six millimetres thick and stretches at least four feet over the issue region. At times, problem areas may be difficult to find. If the peak is too far away, tuck under the tiles to keep water from reaching below the tarp.

  • Take Photos for Insurance Documentation

Do you want to know what you should do if your roof leaks?  Your insurance company may be able to repair the damage, or replace the damaged goods if the damage is claimable. When it comes to submitting a home insurance claim, it's important to keep track of your losses.

  • Call a Professional Roofing Company

Because repairing a leaking roof is a big task, it's better to leave it to the pros. The more you wait, the worsening of the issue is likely to occur. Since there's only so much you can do to solve the situation, it has to be addressed immediately away. Professional roofers can fix the damaged area as well as inspect other areas of your roof that may require repair or replacement. It's better to hire a Professional to fix the roof rather than a Damage Restoration Company since it might cause flood.

Harry Virk

Harry Virk is the director of CleaningPro Auckland. He has years of experience in the cleaning industry and his company is expert at providing exceptional cleaning services in Auckland. He has a passion for helping people and making sure that their homes are clean, tidy, and ready for visitors.

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