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Laser Surface Cleaning Service

CleaningPro's laser cleaning service is a safe and effective solution for removing contamination from virtually any surface. It also eliminates the hassle of having hazardous waste as it cleans without using harsh chemicals! The quick setup time makes it an even better option for those who need their job done quickly.

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Laser Surface Cleaning Service in Auckland

Many people are unaware of the advantages of laser cleaning, as it is still a relatively new service.
Using our laser cleaning equipment, we can remove contamination from nearly any surface with great efficiency and effectiveness. This means there will be no hazardous waste to deal with, as opposed to traditional methods. Its quick setup time makes it an even better choice for those who need their jobs done promptly. We can clean nearly anything in less than half the time of other services, using our mobile laser cleaning equipment that does not require harsh chemicals. 

What is Laser Cleaning?

Laser cleaning provides a more effective, eco-friendly alternative to traditional industrial methods of cleaning surfaces. By using laser energy to remove the stains from metal surfaces without damaging the underlying layers, it is both environmentally friendly and safe!

Laser cleaning services offer a number of benefits

Laser cleaning offers several benefits over traditional cleaning methods, including:

Surface Compatibility: We can clean nearly any metal surface without damaging the other surfaces underneath. Some of these include stainless steel, aluminium, glass, vinyl, and more!

Excellent Quality: Laser technology leaves surfaces cleaner while not creating abrasive wear, which is why laser cleaning is a more efficient method of cleaning.

Speed: Because laser cleaning doesn't need any chemicals, it is much faster than other methods. Laser cleaning effectively cleans most surfaces in one go, so there's no need for multiple rinse or scrub cycles. This also makes it more cost-efficient.

Cost Effectiveness: Laser surface cleaning is an extremely affordable alternative for a seemingly endless number of surfaces. Not only does it not require extra chemical baths to be completed, but the service is also cost-efficient as there is no need to hire an additional team member to help clean by hand.

Safe For Environment:  With its full vacuum system, the Laser system captures any residue left over from the removal process, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. The device can also cut down on the amount of contaminated waste by a lot. This makes it perfect for situations where waste disposal must be limited or avoided at all cost!

Low-intrusive: Unlike other methods, laser services don't cause much interference, so other work can be done in the same area without affecting it.

How Does Laser Cleaning Work?

The laser is the perfect tool for removing difficult, high-value surfaces without water or chemicals. Operators can manipulate light beams in order to clean challenging areas with little risk of damaging them while leaving irregularly surfaced materials untouched-even if they're welds! When activated, this powerful machine will remove coatings on equipment with its vacuum extractor system before drawing residue into a disposal chamber where it'll be disposed of when finished working.

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From hazardous coating removal to precise industrial cleaning, we're the professionals for your toughest jobs. Get a free quote on our services today and see how you can benefit from high-performance equipment that will get the job done right the first time!

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