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Auckland Curtain Cleaning Service / Curtain Cleaners Auckland / Curtain Mould Treatment / Curtain Washing

Professional curtain cleaning service in Auckland. Our curtain cleaners are expert in cleaning most types of curtains. In addition to curtain washing, we provide curtain mould treatment and curtain repair service. Furthermore, we have products to tackle a wide verity of stains on curtains and drapes. Call 0800405670 if you have any questions.

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Curtain Cleaning Service:

Curtains are one of the essential parts of your home but a dirty curtain not only poses a threat to your health but to a great outlook as well. Cleaning of curtains/curtain washing at home can be a hassle but you have come to the right place if you want them professionally cleaned. Mark this as your lucky day as none of your curtains will have the stale old look from now on. CleaningPro offers professional curtain cleaning services for both domestic and commercial clients. Our curtain cleaners use modern methods to clean your curtains and give them a next to new look. We guarantee that all forms of germs, dust and bacteria will be removed with the help of high potency cleaning solutions and high powered dirt extraction machines.

We can clean most type curtains. Curtain cleaning method depends on the type of curtains. Our expert curtain cleaners will decide whether to proceed with dry cleaning or curtain washing method. You need to take care of the cleanliness of the curtain/drapes if you or any of your family members are allergic to dust. This is where we come in as curtain cleaning experts. Our curtain cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning products which clean and sanitise the curtains along with removing the odour that is spoiling the environment of the room. Curtain mould treatment is an additional service we provide if your curtains are affected by mould. We will bring out the best out of your old curtains so they don’t even look old. The new look curtains will not only enhance the beauty of the curtain itself but also contribute to the healthy environment.

Curtain Mould Treatment:

Have you got ugly black mould on the back of your curtains? We provide specialised curtain mould treatment.  Our mould removal process not only removes mould stains but it also kills mould spores. After mould treatment curtains will resist mould from growing back for next 6-12 months. This service can be used only in conjunction with curtain cleaning.

Curtain Repair:

Our curtain cleaners will take care of general curtain repair while we have your curtains for cleaning. We replace missing hooks and nylon tag pins free of charge. We will contact you with quote after inspecting the curtains if curtains need re-hemming, torn lining or broken pleat repair. If curtain lining needs replacing, we can provide you with an upfront quote for new lining including restitching. Please note that curtain repair is only carried on cleaned curtains.

Curtain Pickup, Delivery and Turnaround:

We offer free pick up and delivery within 30KM of Auckland if you have 4 pairs or more. If you have less than 4 pairs, you can either drop to us or courier those to us. We also offer pickup and delivery of curtains at small call out fee of $50 if the quantity is less than 4 pairs.

Our services are off-site and it needs about 2-3 nights to complete the processing. We also offer fast track service with 24 Hours turnaround. It will cost you 15% extra.

Nationwide Service via Courier:

If you live outside Auckland, you can always send your curtains via local post or courier. Our address is 369 Great Noth Road Henderson 0612. We will process the curtains and send them back via courier.

Please leave the hooks in the curtains. We hang the curtains by the hooks to process them.

Curtain Cleaning Prices:

Curtain cleaning price depends upon the size of the curtain. The standard rates are:

Small Size Curtains measuring up to 1.5X1.5M  $40 for one pair.
Medium Size Curtains measuring up to 2X2M $60 for one pair.
Large Size Curtains measuring up to 2.5X2.5M $80 for one pair.
Extra Large Size Curtains measuring up to 3M Height X3.5M Width $120 for one pair.
Call Out Fee of $50 if the quantity is less than 4 pairs.

Extra Services:
Curtain Lining Cleaning $20 Per Pair
Curtain Lining Replacement $20 Per Square metre (Minimum Charge $80). Price includes fabric and labour.
Ironing of Curtains $20 Per Pair
Curtain Mould Treatment $15 Per Pair
Curtain Net/ Voile / Sheer $20 per Pair measuring up to 3M X 3.5M Width

Note: Extra services are only available when you buy Curtain washing service. All curtains above 3M height or 3.5M width will be quoted based on measurements. Curtain width is measured from the bottom and ungathered as the ‘gather’ at the top of the curtain may lead to an incorrect estimate. Prices given by phone or email are rough estimates. If required, we can email you an exact quote after measuring curtains on receipt. Please notify us if you need exact cost before cleaning.

Special Offer – 15% Discount:

If you can drop off and pick up curtains from our Henderson drop off point, you will receive 15% discount. This special offer applies to curtains only for drop-off/pick-up and you must buy it online. Use coupon code self15 to get 15% discount during checkout. This offer can not be used in conjunction with other offers.

Our drop off point is in West Auckland. Address below:
Rockyyz Mobilez
369 Great Noth Road
Henderson, Auckland 0612
Opening Hours:
Monday -Saturday 9AM-6PM
Sunday 10Am-4PM

Please check out our Blind Cleaning Service also.

*For curtains requiring extra efforts +25%
**Please note that the thermal lining of curtains becomes fragile due to continuous exposure to sun and heat. We take good care during curtain washing, but sometimes it might get ripped from few places.
***Please note that cleaning will not any fix physical damage or discolouration due to exposure to sunlight and heat.
****Parking is the customer’s responsibility, where parking is not available the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the customer.

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Small Curtains $40 Per Pair, Medium Curtains $60 Per Pair, Large Curtains $80 Per Pair, Extra Large Curtains $120 Per Pair, Curtain Lining $20 Per Pair, Curtain Mould Treatment $15 Per Pair, Curtain Net/ Voile / Sheer $20, Ironing $20 Per Pair, Curtain Lining Replacement $20 Per Sqm, Call Out Fee $50