Auckland Residential Window Cleaners 1 Bdr House

$119.00 $99.00

More Than One Bedroom




 Auckland Residential Window Cleaners / Window Washing Service

For 1 bedroom and 1 living area including inside and outside windows.

CleaningPro’s window cleaners provide best residential and commercial window cleaning in Auckland. Our window washing experts are equipped with right tools and products. Our window cleaning service will give your home windows a clear and streak free sparkle.

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Windows not only provide the required ventilation of air but they are equally responsible for providing the clear outside view. If your windows are blurry and dirty, it’s like having a blurry vision. You would definitely avoid that. Windows are very prone to get dirty. If properly washed and cleaned windows provide an amazing view, dirty windows provide an equally opposite sensation i.e. the sense of untidiness. Do your windows need cleaning?  Do you want your house to look tidy from outside? Say no more. Pick up your phone or go on the internet and hire CleaningPro professional window cleaners, because we have what it takes to give a brand new look to your windows.

Want to know what CleaningPro is? CleaningPro is a small team of highly experienced individuals who are qualified for any kind of cleaning job. CleaningPro takes pride in its services due to the dedication of its employees towards executing a perfect job. If you live anywhere within the 30km radius of Auckland, give us a call and book our cleaning expertise for your home right away

Window Washing Prices:

Prices below include interior and exterior window cleaning:
1-Bedroom House From $99
2-Bedroom House From $149
3-Bedroom House From $249
4-Bedroom House From $299
5-Bedroom House From $349
6-Bedroom House From $399

Garage Windows $40
Second Living Area $40
Double Storey House $50 Extra
Triple Story House $100 Extra

Note: Price excludes balustrades, louvred windows, conservatories & skylights (these can be quoted on site).

*For homes with extra windows, sliding glass doors and multiple levels, our team may need to revise the quote on the site before starting the job.
**Parking is the customer’s responsibility, the customer will pay the costs incurred by parking, where parking is not available.

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