Carpet Cleaning Wellington


Extra Bedrooms $40 each 

Extra Living Area $50 each

Stairs $45 up to 15 Steps

Hallway Standard up to 15Sqm $40

Hallway Large between 15-30Sqm $80

Upholstery Cleaning $35 Per seat

Rug Cleaning Small (Up to 2MX2M) $60

Rug Cleaning Large (Up to 3MX3M) $90

Mattress Cleaning -Single $90

Mattress Cleaning -Double $150

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Carpet Cleaning Wellington/Carpet Cleaners Wellington

CleaningPRO offers high-quality carpet cleaning services in Wellington. Our professional cleaners use state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment and have an unparalleled eye for detail. We also provide facilities for removing carpet stains, floor cleaning, mattress cleaning, and sofa cleaning. CleaningPro makes sure the carpets look as good as new, using hot steam cleaners and many other methods for washing carpets and removing stains. Steam cleaning with the Rotovac 360i is what makes us Wallington's best carpet cleaners.

For years, our carpet cleaning company has been providing reliability and expertise in Wellington. You no longer have to buy a new one because we can clean your old carpets for you! Dirty carpets do not mean buying a new carpet any more. Our carpet cleaning services allow for the thorough removal of stains and foul smells. CleaningPro uses the highest quality products to make your carpets look like new at affordable prices. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methodologies to effectively and efficiently get the job done.

We are a company that strives for excellence in everything we do. We believe that our employees should be well-treated so they can provide the best possible experience to all of our customers. Our technicians wear uniforms and have been trained on how to clean up after themselves before leaving your property!

Final, Upfront, and Friendly Charges: We at the Cleaning Pro don’t charge any hidden charges. All of the charges are visible and according to the budget of our customers.

For enhanced and effective services: We use cutting-edge, high-quality equipment. Carpets are cleaned thoroughly using high-end equipment, including the Ninja Carpet Extractor and Rotovac 360i.

In fact, our eco-friendly product line, The Organic products, does not involve any shower gels or cleaning products, so it is clean and non-toxic for your family and loved ones.

Carpet Cleaning using Rotovac 360i

Check out carpet cleaning using our latest machine. You will not get the same results from a carpet cleaner hire from the supermarket.

The Carpet Cleaning process

With our monthly carpet care plan, we help to ensure the long-term longevity of your carpeting investment. We help you keep your carpet looking good by cleaning it often and thoroughly with the latest tools and techniques. This gives your carpet its bounce back and may even make it last longer.

Elimination of Bacteria and Dust Affecting Your Home:

Unclean carpets contain sources of indoor contaminants, such as pathogens, unpleasant odors, micro-contamination, dust, and debris, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Such particles also bind to harmful pollutants and get stuck in the carpet. Such poisonous toxins can be released as you vacuum or walk over the carpet, contaminating the air in your house. Our carpet cleaners will use special shampoos and vacuums with a lot of power to get rid of the deeply embedded contaminants.

Improving the Indoor Quality of Air

The vacuuming will eliminate pollutants from the surface of the fabric. Nevertheless, it is when these chemicals reach deep into the carpet that it becomes more challenging to exhale carbon dioxide. People with allergies and arthritis can find respiration easier after professionals have cleaned their carpets. Improved attic ventilation will reduce the risk of allergen-induced attacks.

Eliminating Mold Due to Carpet Contaminations

In high-humidity areas where carpets are subjected to precipitation, such as snow or rain tracking inside during severe weather, there is a high chance of mould forming in the dirty carpets. This humidity falls into the carpets until they are dried at once or vacuumed. Make sure that professionals clean your carpets regularly so that mould and mildew don't grow.

Cleaning Carpets! Our first priority is

Getting your carpets properly washed can have profound effects on your home and health. at least twice a year. Skilled carpet workers not only offer the best maintenance services, but also the highest levels of customer care, professionalism, and cleaning methods.

Carpet Stains Are No More an Issue

Reduction of carpet spots or stain control can often be challenging, so you need a professional to handle harsh chemicals on your carpets. Such expert treatment needs special chemicals, disinfectants, and methodologies of stain treatment that you will never be able to apply on a DIY basis. We 're experts in treating spots and stains. Not only do we clean your carpets and get rid of foul smells, we 're making sure that every stain on your carpet is treated with the right product.

Stains are hard to keep from turning up on your carpet. The good news is that carpet stains won't ruin the carpet anymore. To handle a wide range of stains, we bring an average of 15 different chemicals.

What Are Our Professionals Dedicated To?

When we arrive, our certified technicians will inspect the rooms to be cleaned and discuss the whole process with you. The first thing our expert techniques will do is conduct a deep vacuuming of the desired area. By taking care of this first, we will be able to remove any debris that is not deeply embedded in the fibres of your carpet.

Specialist carpet cleaning not just makes the carpet look better but also lets it last longer, although in most regions of the world there are rooms like lounges or meeting rooms that still look better with carpets, and these are particularly common in hotel rooms, reception areas, and restaurants. Although tiles are increasingly preferred, there are still many people who prefer carpets as they are available in a variety of colours and make rooms look traditional and improve the performance of the room's setting.

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We only hire professional, skilled, trained, and highly experienced technicians at Carpet Cleaning Pro to give you the best experience. We are IICRC certified and have been providing quality service to our clients for years. While you can clean your carpet yourself, if you want your carpet to be thoroughly cleaned and healthy for those living around you, it is important that you reach out to a professional carpet cleaning service like CleaningPRO to help your carpet become as good as new. Protect your carpet by investing in professional services today!

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