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Spring Cleaning Essential Tips and Tricks

Spring is here to shine your life so be prepared to welcome it with the beautiful, clean and tidy house. When you live in a lovely environment, you feel ravished and joyous.

Here are some tips for you which are proven and can help you get full zeal for pleasant weather. Prior to starting spring cleaning, you must make sure that your cleaning cloths and other items are bacteria and mould free and will not contaminate your household items. Microwave your cleaning sponge, wash your vacuum kit with mild detergent and sanitize your brushes with white vinegar by soaking it in vinegar for 15mins.

Spring Cleaning Essential Tips and Tricks:

  • Place the half cup water in the oven with lemon and heat it. Keep the oven closed for 5min and then wipe out the oven surface with a sponge.
  • A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda can eliminate the bad odour of your washing machine when used with hot water.
  • Your house/kitchen tiles get dirty and lose their shine so add ½ cup baking powder in 2 gallons of warm water and then apply it with sponge or mop to clean all tilled surfaces.
  • Clean your wall paints with the mild detergent solution and then wash away with water afterwards. It will impart shine to your home.
  • Vacuum clean your rugs and carpets and remove the stains with club soda if they have any.
  • Clean the fridge with detergent/dishwasher mixture and place ground coffee in it to give fresh odour.
  • The dishwasher is a heavy duty appliance. The grease, oils and other residues from your dishes stick to the lower pan of the dishwasher and give it a dirty look. For the major cleaning apply some dishwasher pack on the surface and run a cycle. It will clean all the residues from the surface.
  • Silver utensils are used for the ornamental purpose at home. Some people have silver cutlery sets which need proper cleaning because silver turns to black colour due to oxidation reactions.
  • Countertops are widely used whether it is a home or an office. You must seal your countertops to avoid liquid splash and renew the seal annually to avoid rust.
  • Kitchen/room cabinets and closets absorb dirt which imparts cakey look to them. Kitchen cabinets become greasy due to steam in the kitchen while cooking. Clean them with the mild detergent and wooden moisture filled cloth. Kitchen cabinets creams are also available in the market for cleaning purpose.
  • Window panes draw everyone’s attention at first glance so they are must cleaning items. Use a high-quality glass cleaning liquid and apply it with a soft cloth/wipe to avoid any scratches or lines on the glass. There is a simple tip to wash the glass panes on a cloudy day. It will prevent the early drying of cleansing liquid by sunlight.

We hope that this spring will be the brightest for you and our spring cleaning tips will make it easy to clean and refresh your home for spring.

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