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The Use of Hydrogen Peroxide in Cleaning

Hydrogen Peroxide is the Holy Grail of DIY cleaning. Hydrogen Peroxide is one product you must have around the counter or preferably in every room. This is one chemical that has no effective drawbacks and can be used for lightweight and heavy-duty cleaning alike. When sitting down to clean dirt, debris, or even stains from your furniture, try using hydrogen peroxide to get the job done. The product acts as an easy cleaner with remarkable hygienic properties. 

Initially, Hydrogen Peroxide was used as a disinfectant for cleaning wounds and cuts - but the more people know about the helpful DIY cleaning hacks it provides, the more it became popular. Let’s take a look at some of the brilliant uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in cleaning: 


  • Mold and Mildew Removal 

Moist and Humid places around the house can get exposed to mold infestation, which can become alarming if not taken care of instantly. Using Hydrogen Peroxide with help you to clean these spaces and remove mold and mildew for good. In areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where limescale is easily accumulated on sanitary fittings, Hydrogen Peroxide can act as a cleaning agent that sweeps the surface clean and disinfects the surface thoroughly for any after-effects. 


  • Children’s Toys and Belongings 

Infants and Toddlers expose themselves to hundreds of bacteria and germs daily. To ensure that these harmful bacteria cannot cause any infections or viruses, it is advised to clean their belongings regularly using some Hydrogen Peroxide. Mix equal quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide and water, and then use the solution with a soft bristle brush to clean it. Once done, use clean water to rinse and air dry. 


  • Laundry Stains and Washing Clothes 

Adult and Children's Garments carry tons of bacteria. Used clothing is unclean and must be cleaned with a disinfectant every time. Washing your clothes with detergent only is of no use therefore, add a diluted amount of Hydrogen Peroxide to your laundry cycle. Your clothes will become cleaner and brighter as Hydrogen Peroxide doesn't fade the colors or harms the fabric. Similarly, tea or fruit juice stains are tough to remove; using a paste of Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water and applying that to the affected area can help you remove the stain altogether. 


  • Floor Cleaning Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an excellent floor cleaner. If you are worried about Hydrogen Peroxide eroding the surface or leaving marks behind your marble, tiled, or hardwood flooring, that is never happening! Your floors will be squeaky clean with no skid marks. For flooring with grout installed, Hydrogen Peroxide is effective as it removes the dirt and lifts it from any surface with ease. You can simply wipe and clean the gunk with a clean microfiber cloth, and it will be good as new. 

Other than these uses, Hydrogen Peroxide is an excellent cleaning agent that can be used in bathrooms and kitchens for cleaning. 

Further uses include:

  • Not only your sinks and floors but fruits and vegetables can be soaked in a  1:1 Hydrogen Peroxide and water solution for zero germs and bacteria accumulation. 
  • You can wipe your cabinets, storage, and countertops to get polished and clean surfaces without investing in expensive high-grade cleaning agents that, with time, can lower the quality and shine of your surface. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is excellent for sanitizing indoor and outdoor surfaces you want to clean thoroughly. This one ingredient is fit to remove dirt, grime, and stains of any kind. 
  • It is also perfectly adequate for sanitizing refrigerators and deep freezers to remove buildups.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is commonly used for cleaning HVAC systems and filters for a cleaner and fresher airflow. 
Harry Virk

Harry Virk is the director of CleaningPro Auckland. He has years of experience in the cleaning industry and his company is expert at providing exceptional cleaning services in Auckland. He has a passion for helping people and making sure that their homes are clean, tidy, and ready for visitors.

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